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  • 12 of the Best - 2014

    Best 2014

    It’s almost that time of year where we get ‘round ups’, 'the best of 2014', 'my favourites', that sort of thing. So, I am jumping on the bandwagon a bit early t... Read more

    The 20 December 2014 by   Cakeyboi
  • Cognac Cashew Curls

    Cognac Cashew Curls

    With a little cognac, a pinch ginger and some chopped cashews, these crispy and buttery cookies, which are yummy by themselves, will elevate your favorite ice... Read more

    The 20 December 2014 by   Weliketocook
  • DIY Homemade Cough Syrup Using doTERRA Essential Oils

    Homemade Cough Syrup Using doTERRA Essential Oils

    A cold has finally hit our home.  We had been doing so well keeping seasonal sicknesses away but alas a few days before Christmas and a few of us are coughing. Read more

    The 23 December 2014 by   Irene Shaver
  • Frozen Cake

    Frozen Cake

    The Disney Frozen movie is all the rage this year, especially now at Christmastime.Little girls are clamoring for dolls, blankets, clothes, and just about... Read more

    The 03 December 2014 by   Kalamitykelli
  • Review on Dunkin' Donuts @ CP, New Delhi

    Review Dunkin' Donuts Delhi

    Dunkin' Donut first started in 1950 in Quincy Massachusetts in the U.S.A. Today Dunkin Donuts can be found in 30 countries worldwide. Read more

    The 11 December 2014 by   Simplytadka1
  • 45 Egg Free Paleo Dessert Recipes (Paleo, Gluten Free, Dessert)

    Free Paleo Dessert Recipes (Paleo, Gluten Free, Dessert)

    Hi everyone! Happy Boxing Day!How was your Christmas? Was Santa good to you? Did you eat your weight in delicious food? I hope the answers are yes to both of... Read more

    The 26 December 2014 by   Pureandsimplenourishment
  • Wmf Concento Cookware Range and Chef’s Edition Performance Cut Knife Series

    Concento Cookware Range Chef’s Edition Performance Knife Series

    WMF or Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik (meaning “Metalware Factory of Wuerttemberg” in English) has a long history of 161 years in making the finest, high... Read more

    The 13 December 2014 by   Dariel
  • Hotel Chocolat – Sleekster Collection

    Hotel Chocolat Sleekster Collection

    As part of an employee recognition I was giving these little treasures and decided to doing a post on my experience with Hotel Chocolat Chocolates.“Why choose? Read more

    The 15 December 2014 by   Tejal Hewitt
  • Nastasya [email protected] = Scam

    Nastasya Scam

    Good day, I am Anastasiya and I am glad to write you for the first time. I hope that we start our communication and learn more about each other. Read more

    The 13 December 2014 by   Richard Randall
  • Puttin' on the Schnitz' in Sandy Springs

    Puttin' Schnitz' Sandy Springs

    Imagine my surprise to learn that there was an entire restaurant devoted to schnitzel! And, no, schnitzel is not a pop culture alternative to profanity; it is... Read more

    The 10 December 2014 by   Weliketocook


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