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  • Pear and Chocolate Cake- Happy Anniversary! -

    Pear Chocolate Cake- Happy Anniversary!

    Happy tablescape Thursday! I know I know, probably you are all already thinking about St. Valentines day, (by the way have you seen Susan's valentine breakfast? Read more

    The 27 January 2011 by   Brii
  • Tandoori Chicken Sandwich

    Tandoori Chicken Sandwich

    In light of last night’s really disappointing dinner David and I needed a good meal but we didn’t want to blow our points. I pulled out a recipe we already... Read more

    The 11 January 2011 by   Kristineduffey
  • Alici (anchovies) in Salad with Chickpeas - MLLA 31

    Alici (anchovies) Salad with Chickpeas MLLA

    winter morning, everything looks so clear, so near I'm really enjoying every day, even the last foggy days winter is a good period of thinking, dreaming,... Read more

    The 21 January 2011 by   Brii
  • Home Made Ginger Tea - WHB #267

    Home Made Ginger #267

    beautiful morning, and also the rest of the day was very niceicy cold but in the sun it was rather warm. I've done absolutely nothing all day, just relaxing... Read more

    The 23 January 2011 by   Brii
  • Pasta Con Alici (anchovies)- Dani's Way

    Pasta Alici (anchovies)- Dani's

    this morning, looking out of my bedroom window the whole world was grey. hm, where was the sun promised I've been looking on weather forecasts everyday and was... Read more

    The 13 January 2011 by   Brii
  • Ananas Jam with Rosemary - WHB #265

    Ananas with Rosemary #265

    days are so grey and cold lately, and I'm so longing for the spring. but just one look at my Mahonia, even with snow on it's leaves, makes my smile. Read more

    The 09 January 2011 by   Brii
  • Mari's Crustless Zucchini Quiche - WHB #268

    Mari's Crustless Zucchini Quiche #268

    it is so cold in these days, together with humidity it is rather unpleasant. this doesn't keeps us at home, you just have to dress right and then the weather... Read more

    The 30 January 2011 by   Brii
  • Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

    Your Drinking Water Safe?

    I'm not a doctor or a scientist, but I've always suspected the danger of added fluoride to our drinking water. I'm always a little suspicious when chemicals... Read more

    The 22 January 2011 by   Rawolive
  • Why Are There Letters on Doors?

    There Letters Doors?

    Last night we have a few visitors stop by our house. If you live in Germany or travel through Germany during the first part of January, you will sometimes see... Read more

    The 20 January 2011 by   Ladyexpat
  • Low Points! Easy to Use!

    Points! Easy Use!

    Well, I’ve lost 5 pounds so far! I’m glad this is finally working. It seemed to get off to a slow start. We’ve found some products that make cooking easier and... Read more

    The 30 January 2011 by   Kristineduffey


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