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Recipes for Success

By Noblenourishment @NobleNourish

Would you believe it? This humble little food blog has only gone and rubbed shoulders with the likes of Nick Nairn, Katherine Grainger, George Bowie, and Elaine C Smith, to name but a few!

In cookbook form, though. No physical touching of shoulders occurred…


The Recipes for Success cookbook is filled with delectable dishes that will guarantee success in one way or another, from getting extra veg into the kids, to making successful foodie gifts!

Noble Nourishment’s salmon fishcake recipe provides a successful introduction to fish for those fishy-phobes out there.


The best thing about this cookbook is that all proceeds go to the Cash for Kids charity. Every. Single. Penny.

Jack McConnell, the Patron of Cash for Kids, said, “Your contribution will ensure that we are able to make a difference to vulnerable children living in your local community.  The money raised will go directly to helping the thousands of children in Scotland who suffer from child poverty, neglect and other issues.”

There are some pretty serious dishes in this cookbook. The Red Onion‘s John Quigley offers up braised shin of beef with mushroom, bacon & shallots. I’m also looking forward to trying the Cullen Skink, Chorizo Stew and Asian Sea Bass with Sticky Rice. Larrrrrrr, I’m salivating.

Cocktail lovers are also in for a treat, with Lebowskis Spiced Treacle cocktail. Looks lethal!

The cookbook is priced at £10 and can be bought here. It’s perfect for all levels of cooking ability, and anyone who buys it will be making the lives of Scotland’s vulnerable children that little bit easier.

Thank you


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