What are the advantages for Paperblog users?

Paperblog gives its users access to quality and original content produced by bloggers worldwide, without necessarily having to sift through the millions of blogs online.

There is a wealth of quality content to be found in blogs, but this often gets lost as the best articles go unread amongst the multitude of mediocre blogs available online.
With Paperblog you have access to quality articles on exactly the subject you are interested in. You also have the chance to discover blogs that you would otherwise not know about.

What are the advantage for bloggers?

Paperblog is a supplementary publication and communication channel for bloggers’ articles. It gives greater visibility to the best articles from the blogosphere, allowing a larger audience to read and discover talented bloggers.
Depending on the subject matter, these articles can not only be made more visible and prioritized on Paperblog, but also on partner media sites.
To provide Paperbloggers the means of tracking viewer statistics from the Paperblog service, we have a statistics system available to all members. These statistics indicate the number of times that articles have been read via Paperblog, the number of times via the original blog, and the sum of the two numbers, giving the total visibility of the articles online (blog+Paperblog).

How does Paperblog survive?

With the hope that that the service will always remain free for users, Paperblog partially relies on advertising, in the form of targeted advertising banners and boxes. We are conscious not to make this advertising too intrusive in order to ensure quality article content is not compromised.

Do bloggers get financial compensation?

For the moment, Paperblog does not have the means to introduce a remunerative system as we are looking primarily to establish a site for bloggers whose work is not widely publicized despite its quality or expertise. Therefore, Paperblog is unlikely to be of interest to bloggers looking primarily to earn a living directly via their blog site.

What kind of blogs is Paperblog looking for?

Among the millions of English speaking blogs online, there is plenty of talent waiting to be discovered. We want to expose the very best articles out there.
The clearer and more readable your work (spelling, intelligent expansion of ideas, concise sentences, varied vocabulary etc.) the more chance it has of being selected. A touch of personality (humor, sincerity, emotion…), setting the article apart from a purely factual press piece, will add an element of originality, making your work more attractive to readers, and consequently the Paperblog editorial team.
If you are an expert, or truly passionate about a particular subject, you could be selected by Paperblog!

What kinds of articles will Paperblog let me publish?

Paperblog’s ethics are to promote articles from predominantly non-commercial blogs, regardless of the blog topic. All experiences, expert knowledge, or informative content are welcome!
What do bloggers have to do after subscription?
Once your blog has been submitted and accepted by Paperblog, there’s not much else to do! Each time you publish an article on your blog, Paperblog notices this, identifies it, classifies it and, if other readers love it, it may even be displayed as a leading article on the site.

Will my articles be modified?

The article text provided to Paperblog, particularly of those used as Featured Articles, will only be lightly edited for spelling corrections or to improve the readability. For pieces picked as featured articles, where there is no or insufficient illustration, Paperblog may choose an illustration to add value to the article.
We strongly respect the moral rights of all bloggers, and aim to allow them to undo any modifications we might make to improve readability. If you believe that one of your articles has undergone a modification which you are not happy with, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected].

I’ve forgotten my password. How do I access my account?

In case you lose or forget your password, click here, and enter your email address. After clicking on “Reset my password” you will receive an email giving you a link to the reset-password page.

What is the Point System?

Bloggers who spend a lot of time on the forums and contribute often to the site receive “points” which increase as their activity and contributions to Paperblog increase. In getting more points, your Paperblog profile, and therefore your blog, gain more credibility and “weight”, so to speak, on the site.

I don’t want my articles to appear on Paperblog anymore, how do I stop this?

Once you have signed-in, go to the Contact page where you will find a form for termination of service (you have to be signed-in to access this).

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