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Arizona Pomegranate Green Tea & Green Tea with Honey Review!

By Pepper Bento

Hey there!

I am still avoiding the “C” themed things as of yet and instead want to show you something a little Japanese.

In fact, you may call it a fusion, a word when used in cooking makes smoke pour from my ears.

On this particular occasion it’s okay though, the only thing that seems to be a fusion of countries is the fact it was made in America.

Arizona to be precise.

I don’t think I have ever reviewed a drink before and to be honest I had no idea what to expect from these.

They were about a pound each in my local cheapy shop and that was for a liter so lets just say my hopes weren’t high.

Arizona Pomegranete Green Tea & Green Tea with Honey

Green tea!

I had never seen green tea in a bottle like this, cold on the shelf.
The idea of cold tea is something else that troubled me about these, they are usually, lets just say, an acquired taste. Yeah. Bloody horrible.

The bottles are just beautiful, really lovely traditional Japanese designs followed all the way up to the cap on the bottle, if I could, I’d frame these.

There is pomegranate green tea, strangely enough with an apple also in the picture so lets say it’s pomegranate and apple green tea, that or the artist just likes drawing apples.
Considering how well they can draw apples I wouldn’t blame them.

On the right is their original green tea with honey.

I’m guessing cold green tea needs a little piz·zazz to make it tasty?

Now, say goodbye to the fantastic packaging as I am now forced to peel the plastic away!

Arizona Pomegranete Green Tea & Green Tea with Honey Glass

Poor packaging.
Still, we needed to actually drink these as tempting as it is to keep them as decorative items.

As you can see the original green tea came out in a really rather beautiful golden hue and the pomegranate green tea is a dramatically different sparkling red, also quite captivating in it’s way.

Hang on a second, I’m not sure I buy that these colours aren’t the product of some kind of evil chemical experiment, especially after the last couple of nightmarish foodstuffs.

Arizona Pomegranete Green Tea & Green Tea with Honey No Artifical

Hmmm, no artificial preservatives, no artificial color and only natural flavour, sounds great to me.
Strange how color is spelt in the English way rather than the American one, I approve!

Back to the drinks!

Both bottles made a slight fizz when opened which I found a little strange as the drinks aren’t fizzy at all.
I’m sure it’s something super scientific that people opening bottles are too under qualified to know.

So, the taste?
Now I don’t drink green tea regularly though I probably should because these are bloody gorgeous.

Whether you like green tea or not these are lovely drinks.

The original green tea with honey is nice and sweet and really tastes like actual honey has gone into it rather than honey flavouring, the green tea taste is still there though and the whole thing is so light it makes you feel healthy just by giving it a sip.

The pomegranate green tea is believe it or not, even nicer and is my favorite of the two.
The pomegranate flavor comes through really clearly and works very well with the green tea.
Again it’s really light and feels like a most delicious water rather than a fruit juice.

It says you can try them hot but I didn’t as I was too busy sipping away.

All in all I was so surprised by these.
I knew I had to show you them no matter the outcome just because of how odd they are but they really are delicious.

The warning signs like the fact they were being sold off cheap, the volume, they weren’t made in Japan and their packaging that looked like it was trying to make up for something hideous inside all proved wrong!

The only problem is that these aren’t available in usual shops and will probably be gone in a week or two.

When you know you can’t get it again, sometimes you wish you’d never tasted it.

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