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Hotel Chocolat – Sleekster Collection

By Tejal Hewitt @Tejal_x

As part of an employee recognition I was giving these little treasures and decided to doing a post on my experience with Hotel Chocolat Chocolates.


“Why choose? Enjoy the best of everything in our best selling milk, dark and white boxed chocolate selection.” Is the label on the box of this amazing collection of indulgent chocolates and I must say the ones I’ve had so far have been beyond my expectations!


Here is a little about Hotel Chocolat – What they believe in

  • Originality: Being fresh, creative and innovative, and always one surprising step ahead.
  • Authenticity: Keeping it real. We grow our own cocoa beans, create our own chocolate recipes and even make chocolate fresh from the bean in our cafes.
  • Ethics: Reconnecting our love of chocolate with its roots. Cocoa farmers worldwide deserve respect and a fair deal. And that’s what we offer, from Saint Lucia to Ghana.


The first ever Store opened in 2004 in London – since then we have over 75 in the UK with one only 18 miles away from me in Milton Keynes!


The packaging was well created giving that feeling of special and “expensive” feeling. The sleeve itself on the underside had what each chocolate was here is a Menu.


You then opened the box, and had another seal which needed to be opened. There was 2 of each chocolate which was perfect for us as we could both try one each! Always a positive and equal no fights!



Each chocolate was elegant and easy to find the one you are looking for. I would definitely recommend these yummy devils for a valentines, christmas or birthday present! Below are a few of the samples we had.

Hotel Chocolat – Sleekster Collection
Hotel Chocolat – Sleekster Collection

Now I decided to be nice and let my hubs have the first pick he instantly went for the Cherry Deluxe – a succulent kirsch-soaked
cherry surrounded by silky soft amaretto truffle.

Hotel Chocolat – Sleekster Collection
Hotel Chocolat – Sleekster Collection

Next he went for the Eton Mess – creamy strawberry mousse with crisp meringue in our less-sweet white chocolate.

Hotel Chocolat – Sleekster Collection
Hotel Chocolat – Sleekster Collection

I went for the Dizzy Praline –  satisfying and smooth hazelnut praline in mellow milk chocolate as my first taste just because I liked the name!

Hotel Chocolat – Sleekster Collection
Hotel Chocolat – Sleekster Collection

And then the Pecan Brownie – pecan praline with nibbly nut pieces and lots of melt-away chocolate just because it was Thanks Giving weekend and felt slightly American!

The rest were super great! Well worth an indulgent try!!



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