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Christmas: Hallmark Holiday Rejects Paperblog Pick in Love & Sex

On the @#& Day of Christmas: Hallmark Holiday Rejects

As we barrel toward the Lord of the Rings of holidays, let’s remember the true meaning of Christmas – reindeer, pine trees, and candy canes set against a backdrop of ill-fitting... Read more


  • In the News (#847)

    News (#847)

    It’s easy to see the vast gap between the reality of sex workers’ lives and the bleak fiction peddled by the anti-sex work industry. Read more

    The 16 June 2018 by   Maggiemcneill
  • Only Two Left!

    Only Left!

    Remember the special edition Ladies of the Night with a unique hand-drawn sketch by Chester Brown, signed by both Chester and me? Well, there are only two of... Read more

    The 15 June 2018 by   Maggiemcneill
  • Trust Your Gut

    Trust Your

    I recently found an escort with several ads, but one of them is basically blank. The other sites she advertised on had more information and pictures, but were o... Read more

    The 14 June 2018 by   Maggiemcneill
  • In the News (#846)

    News (#846)

    Forcing us into the closet makes it easier for prohibitionists to make up stories about our lives. – Liara RouxThe Pro-Rape Coalition A bizarre claim even by th... Read more

    The 13 June 2018 by   Maggiemcneill
  • Reflections of Me


    I initially wrote this post in a private blog that I write in, but I thought I would share these self-reflections with you today – perhaps you and I have... Read more

    The 12 June 2018 by   Malavika
  • Diary #415

    Diary #415

    After two weeks of wandering around Great Britain, I returned home and hit the ground running; though my body clock took longer to reset than I’d have liked,... Read more

    The 12 June 2018 by   Maggiemcneill
  • Guest Columnist: Jeremy Malcolm

    Guest Columnist: Jeremy Malcolm

    Jeremy Malcolm is the founder and director of the Prostasia Foundation, the first sex-positive and pro-civil rights child protection organization. Read more

    The 11 June 2018 by   Maggiemcneill
  • In the News (#845)

    News (#845)

    Sensationalist buzzwords…put women’s lives at risk. – Dulcie LeeLack of Evidence Persecution of sex workers invariably affects other women as well:In 1917, as... Read more

    The 09 June 2018 by   Maggiemcneill
  • Polyamory and Pride

    Polyamory Pride

    This article is based on a public Facebook post I made, and adapted after much animated discussion, for which I am very grateful. You can check out the... Read more

    The 09 June 2018 by   Polysingleish
  • Safe Position

    Safe Position

    The fact that [a politician] doesn’t believe that there’s such a thing as a voluntary sex worker means she doesn’t live in reality. Read more

    The 08 June 2018 by   Maggiemcneill