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  • Sleep And Weight Loss ( Guest Post )

    Sleep Weight Loss Guest Post

    Hello my Lovies, Today I have a guest article for you guys, which is written by one of my good friends. She is a sleep expert and I wanted to invite her to... Read more

    The 17 January 2014 by   Tatiannalovingfit
  • Fashion Bashing and Gabourey Sidibe

    Fashion Bashing Gabourey Sidibe

    Gabourey Sidibe attended the Golden Globes and was criticized for her body, her dress, and how the dress fit her body. Although she shouldn’t have had to deal... Read more

    The 14 January 2014 by   Danceswithfat
  • Dear Chip

    Dear Chip

    Do you even yoga?No, really. You recently rationalized the sheerness of some of your recent yoga pants by saying, “It’s really about the rubbing through the... Read more

    The 12 November 2013 by   Anytimeyoga
  • Run Crazy Horse Marathon (SD)

    Crazy Horse Marathon (SD)

    A very great vision is needed, and the man who has it must follow it as the eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky. – Crazy HorseThe devil, we’re told, is in... Read more

    The 07 November 2013 by   Sohaskey
  • New York City Marathon 2013 Race Report

    York City Marathon 2013 Race Report

    Fantastic. Epic. Amazing. My post run goodie bag is full of superlatives. What a cool event. My other majors are Boston and Chicago, and this one may be tops.... Read more

    The 05 November 2013 by   Xmarkm
  • Is Your Otter Sabotaging Your Fitness Efforts?

    Your Otter Sabotaging Fitness Efforts?

    Ever heard of these animals before?Lion, Otter, Golden Retriever, and Beaver?I am sure you have seen them.  Now before you think I have gone off the deep end... Read more

    The 05 November 2013 by   Sbc12
  • Anonymous Coward Bullies Children On Halloween

    Anonymous Coward Bullies Children Halloween

    I woke up to over 500 readers who let me know about a woman in North Dakota who has taken it upon herself to visually identify children as “moderately obese”... Read more

    The 30 October 2013 by   Danceswithfat
  • Race Recap: Des Moines Marathon

    Race Recap: Moines Marathon

    So, where was I? Oh yes…I was drifting off to sleep after returning from a wonderful Indianapolis Marathon trip and PR. Normally, I would be looking forward to... Read more

    The 24 October 2013 by   Locutus08
  • Goals for the 2013 New York City Marathon

    Goals 2013 York City Marathon

    The way my training has been, any sort of time goals have been ruled out for the New York City Marathon. In order to enjoy the event, I need to leave my ego in... Read more

    The 23 October 2013 by   Xmarkm
  • Should Hydration Vests Be Banned?

    Should Hydration Vests Banned?

    I am not one to intentionally stir up trouble. In fact, you may often find me trying to keep the peace. To see an argument from both sides. As I sit here writin... Read more

    The 23 October 2013 by   Lifeasarunningmom

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