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  • Take Your Time: Results from Yoga Practice

    Take Your Time: Results from Yoga Practice

    by NinaHorses Grazing by Brad GibsonIt's a running joke in our family that when Brad gets impatient with me—because I often do various household tasks a bit... Read more

    The 28 August 2013 by   Ninazolotow
  • Lady Gaga, the VMAs and Fat Shaming

    Lady Gaga, VMAs Shaming

    A little over a year ago to great fanfare Lady Gaga started her “Body Revolution” She opened up about her struggles with an eating disorder and reached out to... Read more

    The 26 August 2013 by   Danceswithfat
  • Why Runners Need A Therapist (and What I Would Say to Mine)

    Runners Need Therapist (and What Would Mine)

    I have worked in the behavioral health setting for many years and in many settings. I have been both the conductor and consumer in therapy sessions. I am a big... Read more

    The 22 August 2013 by   Xmarkm
  • Back to Basics: Hitting the Superior Hiking Trail

    Back Basics: Hitting Superior Hiking Trail

    Teaching, working on an independent study, writing my dissertation and training has made for quite the hectic summer. Our trip to Maine two weeks ago was a... Read more

    The 19 August 2013 by   Locutus08
  • There is No New Skinny

    There Skinny

    I got an e-mail from blog reader Angie today asking me what I think about “strong is the new skinny” and “healthy is the new skinny” campaigns. I’ve seen these... Read more

    The 09 August 2013 by   Danceswithfat
  • Running in Afghanistan

    Running Afghanistan

    Natalie Brighton is a Dutch journalist/correspondent. She lived a 1000 days in Afghanistan, while writing for the Dutch news paper De Volkskrant. Read more

    The 02 August 2013 by   Nicoleao
  • For Yoga Students: Before Your First Class

    Yoga Students: Before Your First Class

    So you’ve read this post or one like it — or you already knew everything in it or whatever — and are getting ready to head to your first yoga class. Read more

    The 01 August 2013 by   Anytimeyoga
  • How to Handle a Hater

    Handle Hater

    If you are online daring to suggest that fat people deserve to be treated with basic human respect, at some point you will likely end up with a hater. Hate take... Read more

    The 01 August 2013 by   Danceswithfat
  • Forbes Magazine Gives Yoga a Thumb$ Up

    Forbes Magazine Gives Yoga Thumb$

    by BaxterView From Above by Melina MezaI love it when capitalist magazines find something good to say about yoga, even if it is how it is making someone lots... Read more

    The 30 July 2013 by   Ninazolotow
  • Hindu, Hinduism and Yoga: Connecting the Dots

    Hindu, Hinduism Yoga: Connecting Dots

    by Ram Locked Door by Melina MezaWhat is the connection between Hinduism and yoga? And hatha yoga in particular? And Iyengar yoga in particular? Read more

    The 17 July 2013 by   Ninazolotow

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