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  • Michelle Obama’s Repeated Mistake

    Michelle Obama’s Repeated Mistake

    Last year when I found out that Michelle Obama was going on The Biggest Loser, I wrote an article with Darryl Roberts talking about what an absolutely horrible... Read more

    The 17 October 2013 by   Danceswithfat
  • All About Supported Inversions

    About Supported Inversions

    by NinaIt’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of supported inverted yoga poses. I starting raving about them in the early days of Yoga for Healthy Aging in my post... Read more

    The 17 October 2013 by   Ninazolotow
  • Race Report: Market to Market Relay- Nebraska

    Race Report: Market Relay- Nebraska

    Normally, one of the biggest selling points for me when running a marathon or other race is the ability I have to control the outcome. Read more

    The 14 October 2013 by   Locutus08
  • Simple Aerobic Exercises That You Can Try at Home

    Simple Aerobic Exercises That Home

    Exercises help in improving the oxygen levels of the body. They also help in weight loss and to maintain body shape. Let's look at the best aerobic exercises... Read more

    The 04 October 2013 by   Rojer
  • Yoga and Cycling

    Yoga Cycling

    by Nina and BridgetAs someone who walks and gardens a lot, I know how valuable it can be to use your yoga practice to balance your body after intense physical... Read more

    The 25 September 2013 by   Ninazolotow
  • The Holy Running Spirit

    Holy Running Spirit

    Every Sunday when I’m faced with the choice of going to church or going for a run, I choose running. Because running offers me more peace of mind than church. Read more

    The 18 September 2013 by   Nicoleao
  • Interview with Shari and Bonnie on Yoga for Chronic Pain

    Interview with Shari Bonnie Yoga Chronic Pain

    Shari Ser and her teaching partner, Bonnie Maeda, who is a registered nurse and a yoga teacher, will be teaching a special workshop on yoga for chronic pain thi... Read more

    The 16 September 2013 by   Ninazolotow
  • Yes People Are Allowed to Diet

    People Allowed Diet

    After my piece about Holley Mangold going on the biggest loser, in which I voiced my belief that Holley is allowed to chose dieting just like I’m allowed to... Read more

    The 16 September 2013 by   Danceswithfat
  • Fizzy Yoga!

    Fizzy Yoga!

    by ShariTrees in the Ocean by Brad GibsonI recently looked into physioyoga (aka "fizzy yoga") because I was very displeased with the knee rehabilitation I was... Read more

    The 11 September 2013 by   Ninazolotow
  • Judith Lasater on Yoga and Aging

    Judith Lasater Yoga Aging

    After the Fire by Brad GibsonAs Shari and I were discussing our series on menopause and perimenopause, Shari had the idea of contacting her former teacher,... Read more

    The 04 September 2013 by   Ninazolotow

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