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Talks Signoraluna Paperblog Pick in Arts & Crafts

Mr Yen Talks Signoraluna

This week’s paper finds are created by Signoraluna on Etsy. Signoraluna, aka Flavia, is an italian origami artist who loves to transform paper with folds. She loves the idea that... Read more

More Holiday Crafting Paperblog Pick in Arts & Crafts

More Holiday Crafting

I'm pretty sure this is the last of our Christmas craft extravaganza. We're going to take it easy from now on. This is just a felt ornament that we got at the dollar store (where... Read more


  • How To: A Kitchen Pegboard Wall Organizer

    Kitchen Pegboard Wall Organizer

    As I promised a couple of weeks ago, here is a fairly-easy DIY (and very inexpensive) that can save you at least one cabinet's worth of space. For tiny kitchens... Read more

    The 08 November 2011 by   Decorology
  • Simple but Beautiful Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas...

    Simple Beautiful Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas...

    I'm going to my parents for Thanksgiving this year, so aside from a few ornamental gourds and pumpkins I haven't done much Thanksgiving decorating. Read more

    The 17 November 2011 by   Decorology
  • Elegant Christams Wedding Colors

    Elegant Christams Wedding Colors

    Even if you're having a Christmastime wedding, you're not limited to decorating with red and green. Try one of these elegant color combinations that are... Read more

    The 15 November 2011 by   Fanciestrands
  • Want Some Wreath Ideas?

    Want Some Wreath Ideas?

    I hope you're all having a fabulous Sunday. I have to go back to work tomorrow (yuck) but get to be off again as of December 15! I love the holidays, but this 8... Read more

    The 27 November 2011 by   Koridonahue
  • Yosengi Woodwork to Create Japanese Secret Trick Puzzle Box Called Himitsu Bako ...

    Yosengi Woodwork Create Japanese Secret Trick Puzzle Called Himitsu Bako "Secret Box"

    IZUMIYA - Hakone Yosegi Zaiku - Himitsu Bako - Japanese Secret Trick Puzzle Box - ONLINE SHOP: 5 Sun 21 Step Mawariyabane (Yosegi Japanese Secret Puzzle Box )... Read more

    The 09 November 2011 by   Dotpattern
  • The Art of Glamorous Gift Wrapping

    Glamorous Gift Wrapping

    The art of gift wrapping is something that does not come naturally to some. As a creative person myself, you may well imagine that my home is filled with... Read more

    The 04 November 2011 by   Remielund
  • DIY Wool Bangle Craft Project

    Wool Bangle Craft Project

    It's no secret that toddlers and jewelry don't mix that well; they snatch at dangling earrings, tug at pendant necklaces, say "me wear" for beads and bangles... Read more

    The 14 November 2011 by   Partycraftsecrets
  • Cute HOUSE Overload - the Charming Medieval Homes of Germany's Romantic Road

    Cute HOUSE Overload Charming Medieval Homes Germany's Romantic Road

    I thought by now I'd be much further into Chris and my Summer 2010 backpacking trip through Europe - but the Romantic Road tour was on July 22 - so we still hav... Read more

    The 09 November 2011 by   Decorology
  • A Paper Mache Dark Butterfly- Part 2

    Paper Mache Dark Butterfly- Part

    See, how's this for quick. I realized that I haven't posted everything I've done on my paper mache Dark Butterfly. I've made some jaws for her. As usual, I cut... Read more

    The 13 November 2011 by   Danmonsterman
  • Geometric Art ..kid Art

    Geometric ..kid

    ohh how I love lines + shapes + colors + paint + canvas + decor designed by my 5 year old! Yes, my little one did this painting (with some help) and I absolutel... Read more

    The 02 November 2011 by   Kinderpendent


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