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Geometric Art ..kid Art

By Kinderpendent
geometric art ..kid art
ohh how I love lines + shapes + colors + paint + canvas + decor designed by my 5 year old! Yes, my little one did this painting (with some help) and I absolutely love it.
Want to make one with your kiddo? Of course you do! Here's how:
First off, you can use canvas (like us) or paper works too. You'll also need a ruler (or something straight to trace lines), a pencil, paint & a brush.
geometric art ..kid art
Step one: Using a ruler and pencil, sketch out your lines. Start with a triangle, add intersecting lines in different directions. Let your little one have a say in where the lines should go.
geometric art ..kid art
Step two: Paint! I helped paint the outlines of each shape & then let Katie paint the interiors. You'll have to let the shapes dry before painting adjacent shapes so the paint doesn't mix.
geometric art ..kid art
Step three: Hang when dry! & don't forget to constantly gush over their amazing artwork. Bragging is ok, too.

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