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The Art of Glamorous Gift Wrapping

By Remielund @remsluxuryblog

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The art of gift wrapping is something that does not come naturally to some. As a creative person myself, you may well imagine that my home is filled with beautiful bows and glittery wrapping paper in every color of the rainbow should there be an impromptu present to wrap. You may even think that I am one of those diva types that has their own present wrapping room. Sadly this is not the case.

My mom is the gift wrapping Queen and if you have ever received a gift from me around the festive season, you can guarantee it is her handy work that is peeking out from under the tree.

For me, wrapping presents has always been a spectator sport but this year I am going to attempt my own.

iStock 000017657575Small The Art of Glamorous Gift Wrapping

Here are a few tricks that I have picked up from the fairy giftmother herself:

  • Go to a garden center-If you really want the best bows, ribbons and wrapping paper, you will find a ridiculous selection at your local garden center. If you want to create glamorous gifts, this is the place to be.
  • Wrapping paper-When it comes to choosing wrapping paper, quality counts. Choose wrapping paper that has substance that won’t rip and tear as soon as you fold it around your gift. Gold and silver paper is a great choice as it can make any gift look classy and expensive. You will also find an outrageous selection of bows and ribbons to complement these colours.
  • Tools-There are certain tricks that I have picked up over the years that make it simple to create pretty presents in record time. Firstly, make sure you have a clear surface to work with. When it comes to securing the wrapping paper, a sellotape dispenser is your new best friend. Wear it around your wrist and pull to release tiny pieces of sellotape at speed.
  • Cutting just the right amount of paper is the key to perfectly wrapped presents. Too much excess paper and you can kiss neat edges goodbye.
  •  Ribbon-Use wired ribbon to add the finishing touches to your gift. The wire runs through the ribbon and allows you to create show stopping bows that sit perfectly on top of your present. 

Perfume and aftershave are easy to wrap but what about those awkward shaped gifts that rebel against the wrapping paper? Simply place your gift in a box and this will provide a smooth shape that makes wrapping a doddle. Boxes also help to create an element of surprise. Create an air of mystery around your gift with cute and clever wrapping techniques. Vouchers are great but opening a card will never compare to a giant box with a bow. Use coloured tissue paper to pad out the inside of your box and place your vouchers on top. Wrap your box and add deluxe ribbons and bows to finish. Voila!

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