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Jayme McGowan from Roadside Projects Pretty Paper Things Paperblog Pick in Arts & Crafts

Jayme McGowan from Roadside Projects | by Pretty Paper Things

Every so often I come across work by paper artists that make me a little giddy. Recently I discovered the work of Jayme McGowan, a Sacramento-based artist who runs a studio called... Read more

Mini Aquarium Keepsakes Tutorial Paperblog Pick in Arts & Crafts

Mini Aquarium Keepsakes Tutorial

It's no secret that food that looks good helps it to taste better. It's the same for keepsakes, lolly-bags, or take-home treats... call them what you will. When Mimi had her... Read more


  • Home Office Bliss

    Home Office Bliss

    The home office is so important to me since I work from home. I think with more and more people working from home these days we'll be seeing even more great hom... Read more

    The 28 October 2011 by   Decorology
  • Much Love Monday | Artesa by Pretty Paper Things

    Much Love Monday Artesa Pretty Paper Things

    A few weeks ago I was on Pinterest and I came across some photos of a recycled paper basket made by an exceptional artist by the name of Flavia Lovatelli. Read more

    The 03 October 2011 by   Paperrunway
  • DIY Glitter Heels

    Glitter Heels

    As I mentioned last week, I'm totally obsessed with pimped out statement heels. I'm also totally obsessed with glitter. So naturally I decided to combine the tw... Read more

    The 06 October 2011 by   Alustforallseasons
  • Mr Yen Paper Runway Guest Post 10 : Paul Farrell

    Paper Runway Guest Post Paul Farrell

    This week’s paper finds come from Paul Farrell. Paul is a Bristol illustrator who has worked as a graphic designer for twenty five years in London and now... Read more

    The 26 October 2011 by   Paperrunway
  • Man Eating Plants

    Eating Plants

    This is such a fun project {my 6 year old niece even helped out}Skill level: Easy......if you can use a glue gun {I handled the hot glue of... Read more

    The 10 October 2011 by   Corie
  • Vintage Arrow Dollhouse Furniture Kit

    Vintage Arrow Dollhouse Furniture

    A scored this awesome Arrow dollhouse furniture kit on eBay a few months ago. It was new in the box and even in the shrinkwrap (mostly). I had to throw out the... Read more

    The 25 October 2011 by   Blemon
  • Halloween Spell Book {part3}

    Halloween Spell Book {part3}

    I L.O.V.E. how this book turned out for so many reasons! Mainly because I was trying to use supplies I already had and didn't know exactly where I was going... Read more

    The 05 October 2011 by   Corie
  • Pretty Paper Things | 2012 Diary Round-up (part One)

    Pretty Paper Things 2012 Diary Round-up (part One)

    Yes, it’s barely October but I already have my sights fixed firmly on January the 1st, 2012. Why? Because I can use my brand-spanking-new diary, that’s why! Read more

    The 18 October 2011 by   Paperrunway
  • Mini Mart Pop-up Shop

    Mini Mart Pop-up Shop

    Jenna Templeton is a writer, designer, self-publisher, blogger and crafter from Sydney.  She enjoys making fun, bright, colourful, quirky, cut & paste,... Read more

    The 10 October 2011 by   Paperrunway
  • Color Block Scarf

    Color Block Scarf

    I'm obsessed with this project for a number of reasons. One is that it involves scarves, my favorite accessory. I have a gazillion of them (Grandma is a... Read more

    The 05 October 2011 by   Whitehaus


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