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  • Big Storage Small Closet

    Storage Small Closet

    In older homes and small apartments it's hard to find great storage and closet space solutions. Don't let the words wardrobe and armoire scare you though!... Read more

    The 14 May 2014 by   Decorology
  • Plant Inspiration

    Plant Inspiration

    With the sun shining in through the window and the spring bringing beautiful flowers, I've decided to share some great ideas to enjoy some of that outdoor... Read more

    The 13 May 2014 by   Decorology
  • Party Time: Ever After High Party Table

    Party Time: Ever After High Table

    Miss Parker turned 8 and to celebrate, the treats table was inspired by Ever After High. Pinks and purples were the colors of the day. Read more

    The 21 May 2014 by   Ctbas
  • Answering Your Questions Part 3: How to Deal With a Front Door That Opens Into...

    Answering Your Questions Part Deal With Front Door That Opens Into Living Room

    Amie wrote: "Although I am not in the design field professionally, I do love the beauty and functionality of a well-designed space and get so much inspiration... Read more

    The 06 May 2014 by   Southshoredecoratingblog
  • Small Kitchen Inspiration and Ideas for Adding Space

    Small Kitchen Inspiration Ideas Adding Space

    Working within a small space is a hard job, especially in a kitchen when you love to cook! There are some really creative ways to work in a small kitchen and on... Read more

    The 16 May 2014 by   Decorology
  • Answering Reader Questions Part 4; How To Style a Coffee Table

    Answering Reader Questions Part Style Coffee Table

    Some of us (probably every decorator ever) have been styling our tables without thinking much about it since our very first apartments.  Our even before that,... Read more

    The 21 May 2014 by   Southshoredecoratingblog
  • Paper Mache Bulldog-Done!

    Paper Mache Bulldog-Done!

    Hi again,Okay, so my bulldog is done. For not being a dragon I kind of like him. It was fun. Here are a few photos. First from one side.Then the otherOh, and I... Read more

    The 10 May 2014 by   Danmonsterman
  • FreshmintPaperie Calligraphy Address Labels

    FreshmintPaperie Calligraphy Address Labels

    These return address labels from Freshmint Paperie , by Atinah Alexanian, are girly, yet sophisticated.  I love the way they boldly used my Cantoni Calligraphy... Read more

    The 01 May 2014 by   Debisementelli
  • Paper Mache Bulldog-Toes, Feet, and a Little Cloth Mache

    Paper Mache Bulldog-Toes, Feet, Little Cloth

    Hello everyone. So where did we leave off? Oh yes...time for toes. No paper mache here. Just pieces of wire clothes hangers. I wrapped paper around them and... Read more

    The 05 May 2014 by   Danmonsterman
  • Paper Mache Bulldog-Assembly

    Paper Mache Bulldog-Assembly

    Hey all, Maybe this will start looking like a dog. I wadded some paper to make the rudiments of back paws. Then I taped the jaws together.... ...and pushed... Read more

    The 03 May 2014 by   Danmonsterman


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