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Meat Filled Envelopes Murtabak (Malaysia) Tavaa Roti, Mughlai Paratha (India) Paperblog Pick in Food & Drink

Meat Filled Envelopes ~ Murtabak (Malaysia) & Tavaa Roti, Mughlai Paratha (India)

After a day of raiding the refrigerator, fixing 15 minute meals and eating out of bowls, I am ready to get back on the horse and bring out my exploratory cap for something differen... Read more

Tomato Pasta Sauce Made with Fresh Tomatoes Paperblog Pick in Food & Drink

Tomato Pasta Sauce Made with Fresh Tomatoes

You’ll have to excuse my over zealous title with this post but I wanted to be clear. This isn’t tomato sauce (aka ketchup) that you have on a sausage. This is pasta sauce, made wit... Read more


  • Traditional Indian Samosas

    Traditional Indian Samosas

    Samosas are one of the few Indian fried treats that I just can’t get enough of. They are savory, puff pastry packets of heaven: spicy and sweet, with a great... Read more

    The 20 January 2012 by   Thepickyeater
  • 20 Healthy Snacks for Kids, College Students, Home, Or Work

    Healthy Snacks Kids, College Students, Home, Work

    So here’s the dilemma: we all want to eat healthy, but sometimes it’s just impossible to cook food at home every day. This could be because: You’re in college o... Read more

    The 27 January 2012 by   Thepickyeater
  • 8 Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes

    Quick Easy Breakfast Recipes

    .Breakfast..It’s the most important meal of the day, and can also be the most delicious meal of the day, but oftentimes it’s overlooked, eaten on the fly, or... Read more

    The 16 January 2012 by   Thepickyeater
  • Flavors of the Islands: Deconstructing the Kinalas of Naga

    Flavors Islands: Deconstructing Kinalas Naga

    Say Bicolano food and almost always, Bicol express, laing, pinangat, and coconut milk come to mind. I got flabbergasted when I found out through blog hopping... Read more

    The 31 January 2012 by   Thelostboylloyd
  • Double Chocolate Cake with Caramel Filling

    Double Chocolate Cake with Caramel Filling

    What does the New Year hold for you?I'm entering my fourth semester of graduate school, working on TWO novels, and venturing into the world of cake decorating. Read more

    The 02 January 2012 by   Monetm1218
  • Europe’s Best Comfort Food Dishes

    Europe’s Best Comfort Food Dishes

    Europe’s best comfort food to beat the January blues! Let’s face it. January is sh*t. I’m hungover to hell, I’ve got the post party blues, and despite my overfe... Read more

    The 03 January 2012 by   Smartgirltravel
  • A Message To The Coworker With The Candy Dish At His Or Her Desk

    Message Coworker With Candy Dish Desk

    If I ever run a company, I’m going to make sure the kitchen is stocked with Almonds, peanuts, turkey and roast beef slices, cashews and maybe some berries. I’m... Read more

    The 23 January 2012 by   Gjosefsberg
  • Poush Parbon & Pitha's Delight

    Poush Parbon Pitha's Delight

    Image Courtesy: Wikipedia The Bengali month of Poush, the winter month brings different opportunities for the Bengalis to hog on to their favourite sweet... Read more

    The 15 January 2012 by   Saurav2006complex
  • New York City Through Instagram

    York City Through Instagram

    Once it finally stopped raining, we took a nice little stroll through central park! Dress from Urban Outfitters We took a tour of time square....while in the ca... Read more

    The 19 January 2012 by   Elunstroth
  • Food: Soba Noodle and Tofu Soup with Baby Bok Choy.

    Food: Soba Noodle Tofu Soup with Baby Choy.

    I had this for lunch and dinner. In one day. It is that good. Talk about refreshing. I had the beginning of a cold or the end of a cold – I have felt ‘stuffed... Read more

    The 30 January 2012 by   Sensiblelessons


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