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Europe’s Best Comfort Food Dishes

By Smartgirltravel @SmartGirlTravel

Europe’s best comfort food to beat the January blues!

Let’s face it.  January is sh*t.  I’m hungover to hell, I’ve got the post party blues, and despite my overfed belly, I just can’t face a detox just yet.  This is January.  So why not embrace the sh*tness?

It’s in my nature to make the most of everything, even the worst month of year.   So I raise my glass of leftover champagne and toast to enjoying weekend breaks, wrapping up in the cosiest coats and jackets, and indulging in the best comfort food in Europe.

Some of Europe’s best comfort food dishes may not be the most sophisticated, but they sure are satisfying when you suffer from the January blues. Here are some of my favourite comfort food dishes from all corners of Europe:

Goulash in Prague


It certainly isn’t love at first sight when it comes to Czech Goulash.  It won’t be a piece of art on your table but it will warm you up from the inside out!  The squishy dumplings are perfect for mopping up this nutmeggy, slightly cinnamony and tender meat stew.  Mmm…

Flädlesuppe in Germany


Flädlesuppe is a simple yet rewarding dish; essentially a pancake soup, Flädlesuppe is one of Germany’s best winter warmers.  The briny broth is poured over thin pancake pieces which develop a soggy, chewy texture as they soak up the lovely liquid…..making your last bite the tastiest. 

Guinness Stew in Ireland


My, oh my.  Now this is a therapeutic dish if there ever was one.  Chomp away your cold aches and pains, your tired feet and your cold chapped hands with a real Irish stew.  The Guinness makes it all the more Irish and if you add lots of pepper (and I mean lots!), you’ll be able to clear those sinuses too. 

Maluns in Switzerland


This is a bit like the Southeathern Swiss version of Bubble and Squeak.  Made from melted butter and leftover potatoes, this is no meal for calorie counters.  Expect potato, butter, potato, butter and a few more potatoes.  100% yum.

Ziti and Sausage Portobello from Italy


Processed meat. Carbs.  This pasta dish was not intended for the food snob, but what more can a jaded January soul ask for? It’s simple, it’s calorific and a touch of garlic gives it the antioxidant kick that we all need.

Enjoy a sh*tty January (hopefully with some nice food)

Mags x

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