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  • Tips to Eat Healthy in Christmas Parties

    Tips Healthy Christmas Parties

    Most of us love eating. With Christmas around the corner attaining parties occupies a major part in our month’s schedules. As a result of this we land up... Read more

    The 17 December 2010 by   Sandikar
  • Candy Cane Cookies

    Candy Cane Cookies

    Yummy! This is my fave of all times! I love almond flavoring and peppermint and sugar all mixed together. Don't let these scare you because they might look... Read more

    The 07 December 2010 by   Monicairvine
  • 4 Must-Haves in a Killer Wine Bar

    Must-Haves Killer Wine

    Despite a strong mistrust for its name (Corksoakers), I recently went out on a limb and through the rain to check out a semi-new wine bar in Houston. Read more

    The 03 December 2010 by   Nancykerschen
  • Langdale Chase Hotel

    Langdale Chase Hotel

    On the rare occasion that was a night in December without the band having a concert or a caroling job, coinciding with it being a Friday, both of us being able... Read more

    The 23 December 2010 by   Eatouteatin
  • Chicken Liver Pate and Other Festive Food

    Chicken Liver Pate Other Festive Food

    After looking at all the ingredients of the full range of festive pates in the supermarket I was rather disappointed to see that only one contained no wheat or... Read more

    The 30 December 2010 by   Eatouteatin
  • Gruelling Times in the Sickroom

    Gruelling Times Sickroom

    When I was a child I used to pore over Mum’s cookbooks in search of deliciousness. Coloured photos were rare and food styling certainly hadn’t been invented... Read more

    The 12 December 2010 by   Patinoz
  • Greek Oil and the Lamb Stifado

    Greek Lamb Stifado

    Now I couldn't decide whether to do a post specifically for Stifado or for the company that sold us the herb and spice mix that we used for the dish. I suppose... Read more

    The 09 December 2010 by   Eatouteatin
  • Eating Whole Food Helps to Reduce Body Weight

    Eating Whole Food Helps Reduce Body Weight

    We generally cut the food item before cooking or eating it raw. This reduces the nutrition value of the food item to certain extent. Read more

    The 21 December 2010 by   Sandikar
  • Make Your Diet Trans Fat-free to Maintain a Good Health

    Make Your Diet Trans Fat-free Maintain Good Health

    Someone of us tends to get fat even after eating less. This is commonly found in adults whose body takes the shape of an apple. Read more

    The 16 December 2010 by   Sandikar
  • Baking a Difference

    Baking Difference

    Bite-sized Christmas mince pies I’ve just spent a long hard day at the coal face getting some of the Christmas baking done. As I had desperately hoped, I had... Read more

    The 15 December 2010 by   Patinoz