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Feel Like Ticking Time Bomb! Paperblog Pick in Diaries

I Feel Like a Ticking Time Bomb!

I am now 35 weekspregnant and it feels great to have reached this week. I have read about somany twin pregnancies that have not lasted nearly as long, so I am feelingpretty good an... Read more

Surgery Update Paperblog Pick in Diaries

Surgery Update

I apologize. This update is long overdue.Bean's dental surgery was last Wednesday. We headed to the hospital bright and early. After checking in, we were sent to the surgical play... Read more


  • IBAN with a Side of Irritation

    IBAN with Side Irritation

    Don’t freak out Mom, I blurred the numbers. Besides, I don’t use this one anyway. The ‘I’ in IBAN stands for international. I should have learned long ago that... Read more

    The 05 September 2011 by   Adventuresinamyland
  • Cabanatuan City: The City That Almost Failed Me

    Cabanatuan City: City That Almost Failed

    I was hanging out at my friend's house in Baliuag, Bulacan just doing nothing, "Dulce Far Niente" as the Italians would put it. Read more

    The 03 September 2011 by   Ian_delapena
  • The Freak Show Has Arrived…

    Freak Show Arrived…

    Or maybe it’s following me around town.Or maybe I am the leader and no one has told me about the promotion.I have no idea.I had a doctors appointment today,... Read more

    The 16 September 2011 by   Redneckprincess
  • Cave Exploration : Bongon Tabuelan Cebu [Day 2]

    Cave Exploration Bongon Tabuelan Cebu [Day

    Everyone was up early on our 2nd day. I guess you could see in there faces how excited they were for that day. We're about to explore 3 caves; Mahayahay Cave,... Read more

    The 03 September 2011 by   Synzmemoir
  • Woot Woot !! It is Friday !!

    Woot Friday

    To tell you the truth, Friday is not normally an all out exciting day for me. I pretty much have something going on most days of the week. Read more

    The 09 September 2011 by   Lynne
  • DIY Sundays…Burlap Wreath

    Sundays…Burlap Wreath

    This week I came across a site with a wreath to make that I ADORED!! The site is called Crafty Chic Mommy, check it out…she has tons of cool DIY stuff on there!! Read more

    The 25 September 2011 by   Redneckprincess
  • A Fine Vintage...

    Fine Vintage...

    A conversation with B as I was looking up dolls houses (homes?) from the 60s and 70s: Me: "I love vintage toys."B: "What do you mean by vintage toys?"Me:... Read more

    The 28 September 2011 by   Threesixfive
  • The Glad Game.

    Glad Game.

    When I was a little girl, my mom gave me a Disney classic movie and said she wanted me to have a copy of it because it was one of her favorite movies growing up... Read more

    The 06 September 2011 by   Scarlettandstephen
  • New Improved KFC at SM City Cebu

    Improved City Cebu

    Have you been to KFC lately? I been! Yah! I'm really a big fan of KFC. Their chicken are the yummiest, with all due respect with McDonalds and Jollibee. :D We... Read more

    The 03 September 2011 by   Synzmemoir
  • Cloth Vs. Leather Ballet Shoes

    Cloth Leather Ballet Shoes

    When asked at a dance store, "Would you like cloth shoes or leather?", many dancers know exactly what they're looking for. Everyone has their own personal... Read more

    The 11 September 2011 by   Ballerinablogger


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