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My Sister

I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.As you can see, my sister arrived from London. She arrived in the middle of the night and I was very excited then I went back to sleep. Read more

Losing First Paperblog Pick in Diaries

Losing Our First Bid

Last week I ask for prayers for Mr. A and me as we submitted our very first offer to buy a home.  Remember this pretty picture? Read more


  • Be Thankful and Think Positive!

    Thankful Think Positive!

    What a long weekend! Wasn't it grrreat? I seriously felt like it was a vacation that lasted months. I loved every minute of it. It always is a nice break to be... Read more

    The 26 November 2012 by   Mikidemann
  • Guest Post: Personalised Christmas Cards – The Good, The Bad and TheUgly…

    Guest Post: Personalised Christmas Cards Good, TheUgly…

    Inappropriate, unflattering, confusing and downright scary personalised greetings cards have become a menace that many of us have to deal with every year. Read more

    The 22 November 2012 by   Mummysspace
  • The Story Of The Goth Kid's Little Girl Panties

    Story Goth Kid's Little Girl Panties

    When I was 12 I went through my “rebellious phase” and spent all my free time around or talking to my cousin, who was just starting community college. Read more

    The 04 November 2012 by   Jillofalltrades
  • Friends, Food and the Festival of the Masters

    Friends, Food Festival Masters

    This weekend was the annual Festival of the Masters art fair located at Downtown Disney. Being the Disney/art geek that I am, I headed out to see if the fair ha... Read more

    The 12 November 2012 by   Simplystephanieblog
  • Star-Crossed Gingers

    Star-Crossed Gingers

    Have you ever seen two gingers dating? Two gingers holding hands, walking down the street? I, personally, have not. As a proud ginger, I have never dated a... Read more

    The 13 November 2012 by   Daralaine
  • Just Think Happy Thoughts...

    Just Think Happy Thoughts...

    I've been a super stressed Kelli this week, and it's only Wednesday. We're stuck in limbo as to what we're doing house-wise at university next year due to an... Read more

    The 22 November 2012 by   Kelliciousxo
  • Public Toilet Etiquette- A Dummy’s Guide

    Public Toilet Etiquette- Dummy’s Guide

    Show me a single man who hasn’t had a harrowing experience in a public toilet in India (Excuse me Ladies but since I have never ‘intentionally’ stepped into a... Read more

    The 29 November 2012 by   Sajan
  • Does This Strep Make My Butt Look Big?

    Does This Strep Make Butt Look Big?

    Things I Have Learned Recently: If you search the word "strep" on Google images, you will find other freaks besides me who have posted images of their own... Read more

    The 14 November 2012 by   Dmroughton
  • Ratsos, Ratsos, Lots of Baby Ratsos!

    Ratsos, Lots Baby Ratsos!

    So it turns out Sprig (My sister's new baby rat) is a girl and has been pregnant for almost the last month! About thirteen babies were born yesterday. I was in... Read more

    The 22 November 2012 by   Paige
  • The Time an Old Woman Saw Me Naked.

    Time Woman Naked.

    I have a huge fear of people walking in on me when I am going to the bathroom in a public place. Saturday Jared and I went to the mall to get lunch, and shop... Read more

    The 06 November 2012 by   Mikidemann


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