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A Fine Vintage...

By Threesixfive @MamaChaser
A Fine Vintage...
A conversation with B as I was looking up dolls houses (homes?) from the 60s and 70s:
Me: "I love vintage toys."B: "What do you mean by vintage toys?"Me: "Dolls houses from the 60s and 70s."B: "But modern toys are newer."Me: "Um yeah, but they break so easily. Nothing is designed for quality any more and everything's made out of plastic, I hate plastic."Do you agree with me or B? And why am I such an old soul? I crave those days where children dressed as children, where toys were small collections, where things were truly made with love and attention to detail.These days everything is pumped out a factory, carelessly, and to make a profit. I am not against making a profit nor am I against toy franchises but I miss the old ways. I miss old fashioned values of entertainment being something totally different than it is today.Don't get me wrong; whip eBay away from me and I'd feel like a limb was missing - although it's likely I would track down various vintage toy shops and shop there. When we were young things me and my sister used to love playing 'dress up' at Rusty Zip in Edinburgh - an awesome vintage shop with gear from every decade you can imagine.And I don't want these things to be pretentious or arty farty - I just love the look and feel of bygone toys. Maybe it's the little white crib I used to play with at my Grans, or the various boot sales we'd trek too and pick up little wonders at; a small blue radio from the 70s, a ceramic elephant as a gift for my Mum from goodness knows what era and various baby dolls with scary make-up.I've never wanted to follow what others do, I've always wanted something different that represents more than a fad or TV show as a toy for Roman and I love the idea of memories and love stored inside some sweet little toys from various dreamy eras.

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