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New York: The Homeless Man

I’d only ever heard bad things about homeless people. My mom once told me a USC student had been assaulted by a homeless man behind a row of bushes on campus one night. Then a... Read more

Staying Positive. Paperblog Pick in Diaries

Staying Positive.

Do you guys remember the movie Ghostbusters 2? I do and have to say, this is one of my favorite flicks of the late 80s. I love it, and not just for the ghost busting action, but... Read more


  • Greedy, Snotty Wishes.

    Greedy, Snotty Wishes.

    Hello, and welcome back to my birthday week! YABADABADOO!I still expect presents at 22, that is why I am greedy and snotty. I don’t care if it’s my favorite... Read more

    The 10 July 2012 by   Mikidemann
  • The Ugly Public Side of Ugg Boots and Slippers

    Ugly Public Side Boots Slippers

    In their more traditional / nana-ish form Ugg boots. Slippers. Fuzzy foot warming devices. Call them what you will. I love me some softly lined warming footwear... Read more

    The 24 July 2012 by   Parentalparody
  • Waiter-May I Have the Bill Please?

    Waiter-May Have Bill Please?

    Nikki Beach Restaurant Bill Crises? What Crisis? My girlfriend’s father sent us this photo circulating on the net from the Nikki Beach Restaurant in Saint... Read more

    The 11 July 2012 by   Benjaminkanarek
  • Totally Pinworthy – Playroom Inspiration

    Totally Pinworthy Playroom Inspiration

    We currently don’t have a garage. Instead, we have a junk room. This week, I have been inspired to turn the junk room into a playroom for Dora. Read more

    The 01 July 2012 by   Meltingmoments
  • the Hole a Tree and a Whole Lot of Rock

    Hole Tree Whole Rock

    we decided to take the 12 mile dirt road to the lava cast forest. it was nearing the end of the day and rain was yet again flowing off and on. this was the big... Read more

    The 09 July 2012 by   Stampmouse
  • From Flatulence to Flat

    From Flatulence Flat

    I am aiming for this! Yeah! Do you wish you had a flat belly? Me too! I bring you good news: looking good and feeling better doesn’t have to be the Holy Grail. Read more

    The 12 July 2012 by   Vidyasury
  • A Research Visit to an Earthship…

    Research Visit Earthship…

    English: A picture of the workings of natural ventilation in a earthship. Schematic was based on a picture found in the book “Earthship Vol 2:Systems and... Read more

    The 27 July 2012 by   Btchakir
  • Help Please: What Should I Do in Paris?

    Help Please: What Should Paris?

    Hi all, I am going to Paris in 10 days. However I am still looking for some good restaurants and what I should get in France. Please suggest to me!!! Read more

    The 10 July 2012 by   Dorzidor
  • How to Get a ROCK STAR to Sleep in Your Treehouse.

    ROCK STAR Sleep Your Treehouse.

    1. Build a tree-house.2. Meet a Rock Star3. Become a groupie. It is (embarrassingly mind-blowingly…. FUN)DESIGN THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE ?!Oh... Read more

    The 31 July 2012 by   Lynne
  • Whitcomb Street SW1 and the Rotterdam Moon Bollards...

    Whitcomb Street Rotterdam Moon Bollards...

    To the left...Welcome to Whitcomb Street SW1 which happens to be very close to London's Trafalgar Square and just to the side of the National Gallery where I... Read more

    The 23 July 2012 by   Bollards Of London


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