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Super Hero Printpaper Package

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Super Hero Printpaper PackageIt’s no secret that all parents have a touch of the super-hero about them; stamina is the super-power that springs to mind most, followed, for some parents, by super-patience, and of course unending sources of infinite love.  If given the opportunity to pick some super-powers I suspect many dad’s would select super-strength, mind-reading and maybe xray vision.  Mums on the other hand wouldn’t turn down the ability to teleport at will, invisibility could come in handy, and hypnotising children to sleep would be high on my covet-list.  The ability to zoom through the air, cape or no cape, would also have to be a favourite dream of mine, it has no particular parenting benefits, but I’ve always wanted to fly...Which brings me to mini-masked avengers and the latest party-theme printpaper package...  All the wonderful people who subscribed in the first weeks of Partycraft Secret’s unveiling were given the choice of a free printpaper package.  One mum, Despina from Greece, replied “I would like a super hero party theme.”  Well, until then I didn’t have a super-hero theme... but after two weeks and three or four different versions, with requests for less eco-warrior and more cartoon-kapows and masked kids flying about in capes, Despina and I came up with a printpaper package we both love.  The last email she sent through announced; “Perfect!!!!  I am very very happy to say that I have NO further comments !!!!! Thank you so much for creating a tailor-made party for my girls!”
Despina’s two lucky daughters will be having one ‘super’ party early next year, so keep an eye out for some fun photos of what crafty things they might come up with... until then; fly cross to the PartycraftSecrets’ website and see some more images from the Super Hero party printables!Lastly, I want to say "hello!" to everyone who's reading this in Greece, and extend a BIG thank you to Despina; the process of co-designing the package was more fun than I expected, she was honest, inventive, patient and... a real super hero Mum.  x

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