• Reasons To Dress

    I thought I was just going to stay in Milan for a few months to learn Italian.

    It's been 6 years. Now I work from home for an exotic leather belt brand, live in Modena (Pavarotti’s hometown and where Balsamic Vinegar and the Ferrari come from!) and I’m married to the guy who was once just my Italian lover. Together we have a very feisty and strong spirited toddler.

    I thought becoming a mom and working from home, meant I would no longer have a reason to dress. Thankfully, Italy is filled with reasons to shop, get dressed and be seen.

    I'll show you not only what I'm wearing BUT where I'm going. I also photograph REAL MOM Street Style because there are so many nice looking moms in Italy!

    Plus I love to give an insider's look into what it is like to work for an artisan brand and how you can get the look for less.