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  • Take a Tour with Joanna Lumley

    Take Tour with Joanna Lumley

    Isn't that Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous? Yes, it is. Joannna Lumley has calmed down her signature beehive and put aside the endless glasses of bubbly and take... Read more

    The 18 March 2014 by   Xoxoxoe
  • The Big 1 8 - My Birthday


    This blog post is brought to you by the comfort of my bed, due to tiredness and slight hung-over-ness. I celebrated my 18th birthday on the Thursday just gone... Read more

    The 30 March 2014 by   Emmielois
  • Unbox with Me: BDJ Box March – Benefit Cosmetics Exclusive

    Unbox with March Benefit Cosmetics Exclusive

    Everyone is just so excited about this month’s box!  Why?  Because BDJ Box partnered with Benefit Cosmetics for March beauty box! Even some of my international... Read more

    The 13 March 2014 by   Genzelkisses
  • Happy Mothers Day from Monsoon!

    Happy Mothers from Monsoon!

    On top of Tyne's birthday next week there is also another event which has been a little pushed the back of my mind, but is an important once nonetheless..Yes... Read more

    The 23 March 2014 by   Sparklesandstretchmarks
  • The Victoria Court Sticker Rate

    Victoria Court Sticker Rate

    Victoria Court loves to innovate and always strives to be the first in introducing new ideas in the hospitality industry. Most of us know about the elite Black... Read more

    The 28 March 2014 by   Deliberatelymom
  • 12 Ideas for Spring Break When You’re Stuck At Home

    Ideas Spring Break When You’re Stuck Home

    Chesapeake Bay Hyatt has a gorgeous salon and spa. Look for places close to you where you can spend the day… Photo credit: Chesapeake Bay HyattNext week is our... Read more

    The 04 March 2014 by   Steph's Scribe
  • From Baby To Big Kid: Eliminating A Pacifier {Link Up}

    From Baby Kid: Eliminating Pacifier {Link

    Hi ladies! My name is Ericka and this is my very first blog post so bare with me. When I was first contacted by Kaitlyn to do this post I was extremely excited... Read more

    The 03 March 2014 by   Wifessionals
  • Be the Change You Hope to See in the World.

    Change Hope World.

    I've started writing this post a few different times and each time, I couldn't find the right way to start it. I'd start writing and then hit "delete" time afte... Read more

    The 05 March 2014 by   Samantha Curtis
  • Get Through the Morning

    Through Morning

    Hi All,A new day and another new post, this one written with heavy arms and an even heavier heart. Since I have had my steroids I have had easier mornings; stil... Read more

    The 31 March 2014 by   Cass
  • Join Me at the BDJ Box Beauty Social: Tres Chic!

    Join Beauty Social: Tres Chic!

    Holla Bellas!  I think you might have known about this upcoming event of BDJ Box from their Facebook Page and other posts everywhere in the world wide web.... Read more

    The 09 March 2014 by   Genzelkisses