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Get Through the Morning

By Cass

Hi All,
A new day and another new post, this one written with heavy arms and an even heavier heart. Since I have had my steroids I have had easier mornings; still sore and stiff but I have at the least been able to function as a human being....that was until now. Upon waking up I had a familiar feeling, one that I haven't felt for a while, the heavy, weight of intense fatigue. Not your normal fatigue, this is complete and soul destroying making it harder to function on any level.
I was once asked to describe what this feels like, not an easy thing to put into words. The only way I could do it was to say that I feel like I am underwater, as deep as you are when you are scuba diving (if you have been you will know the feeling of weight that is all around you). I am weighed down by the ankles making it difficult to lift one leg to kick back up to the surface. Consumed by a thick, mud like water, I just stop there unable to move my muscles with enough power to actually save myself. Then there is my brain, panicking about being stuck in this situation, but not quite grasping what to do to get over it, the fog, the mist, the inability to think clearly about anything. This is's not just incorporates every single functioning part of your body.
So what do I do when this hits on a day when I have to be in work, functioning at 100%. Here are some of the methods I have found that help me.
5 Tips for Getting Through the Mornings in One Piece
Start the morning with a cup of tea
I know many people will tell us to avoid as much caffeine as possible, but on a day when I cannot function I will always have a drink that contains a small amount of caffeine. There are other benefits to starting the day this way, other than the small boost to your energy levels.
I will move onto my timings in a bit, but I will always factor time to drink a cup of tea whilst I wake up naturally into my morning. This gives me the calming effect of the tea and helps me to not panic about what I have to get through next.
Timings are everything
5 Tips for Getting Through the Mornings in One Piece
I have developed a skill over the years of knowing exactly how long it takes me to function in the mornings, fro good days all the way through to flare ups. It is all about learning and I have ha plenty of time to perfect it. For me, I will struggle if I don't set my alarm 45 minutes earlier than I need to, something that many people think I am crazy for.
My alarm is always set for 5.30 because I need this time to loosen up my joints, mentally prepare myself for getting in the shower and it gives me time to drink that cup of tea. I will fill this time with something that I have t concentrate on, such as watching the morning news. This helps to combat the fog to some extent and focuses my attention elsewhere.
Set as much as you can in place the night before
This may seem like a ridiculous suggestion as you probably do this already, but the energy saved from simply sorting everything the night before is exactly what is needed. There have been many days where I have managed to get to work without any lunch, my purse, keys and even sometimes wearing the wrong outfits. It is added stress on you in the mornings, when all you should be concentrating on is fighting back the beast.
The items that I will sort out the night before are;

  • My lunch and/or breakfast for the next day
  • My outfit for work or leisure
  • My handbag packed and ready to go
  • I will check my purse and get my commute money ready
  • Towels for the shower
  • I will double check my alarm...sometimes three times

Eat before you leave if at all possible

5 Tips for Getting Through the Mornings in One Piece

Much like having a cup of tea, eating 30 minutes before you leave for work will give you an extra energy boost. I know that this means preparing something when you are already in the midst of the fog, but it will help. For me, I rely on porridge know the ones where you just add hot water. Porridge is a slow release, energy boosting food and these handy pots mean that I only have to boil the kettle to be able to enjoy it. I will fill the kettle the night before and leave a pot of porridge out ready for the morning.
If this is too much for you then try a banana - they are handy energy snacks and you wont need to use all your precious spoons to get one.
Keep everything you need for getting dressed with you n the bathroom
I went through years of having a shower, walking back into my bedroom to get dressed, spending ages trying to find the right clothes and put them on. By the time I had done all of this I was exhausted and ready to get back into bed. The key to getting through the early morning for me is the planning of time, having everything within easy reach, so important when getting yourself into a vertical position.
Having a shower and getting dressed are unbelievably physical things to do, so I make sure that I have everything I need at arms reach. My towel is reachable fro inside the shower, my clothes are piled up outside of the shower for when I am dry and this ever includes shoes. Then All I have to do is clean my teeth and brush my hair - all done from the bathroom. this saves me time, stress on my brain and makes it physically easier to get dressed.
I hope some of these tips help you and as I am always learning I am sure there will be more to add at some point.

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