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  • …keep Shining

    …keep Shining

    Happy Monday, crusaders! Today as we embark on another week of challenges and adventures, I'm giving you a bonus photo (courtesy of the beautiful Forest Park)... Read more

    The 26 August 2019 by   Zer
  • Let Bygones Be Bygones? No, I Don’t Think So!

    My words of wisdom and truth- Miss LaToya Working Woman By Miss LaToya I hate when people say let bygones be bygones. Once I cut a person loose it’s for keeps. Read more

    The 14 August 2019 by   Latoya
  • July Recap and Charity Contribution Recipient

    July Recap Charity Contribution Recipient

    Per my blog post about taking a summer vacation from blogging, I promised to share how much I made in the month of July and would donate $100 for every $1,000... Read more

    The 07 August 2019 by   Wardrobeoxygen
  • A Sense Of Shelf

    Sense Shelf

    Shelf has proved a flat and uninspiring subject matter for our Dead Good blogging collective this week. Not even the person who nominated the topic has managed... Read more

    The 12 August 2019 by   Ashleylister
  • 4. Have Dinner Powered by People’s Conversation Friday 20th September,...

    Have Dinner Powered People’s Conversation Friday 20th September, Spitalfields

    Tags Mexican food brand, Old El Paso is on a mission to get people talking on National Fajita Friday! Old El Paso is opening a pop up restaurant in which the... Read more

    The 23 August 2019 by   Djridings
  • Cole Swindell at Boots and Hearts 2019

    Cole Swindell Boots Hearts 2019

    It took a few years, but Cole Swindell finally made his Boots and Hearts debut on Friday night when he headlined the main stage. The Georgia native started... Read more

    The 11 August 2019 by   Phjoshua
  • The Art Of Truth


    There is a new movie titled The Art Of Racing In The Rain that is constantly being advertised on the radio and television.I haven’t read up on the movie in... Read more

    The 06 August 2019 by   Latoya
  • Full Circle Moment.

    Full Circle Moment.

    Still writing about my changes and my transitions with my move to New York... Sometimes I have to be patient with myself...and it requires yielding without... Read more

    The 26 August 2019 by   Jenrene
  • …play Every Possible Part

    It's National Cat Day, crusaders, and you know what that means? I'm talking about "Cats," the weirdest movie of the (closer than you think) holiday season that... Read more

    The 08 August 2019 by   Zer
  • But Still…I Am Willing

    Still…I Willing

    "The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we ca... Read more

    The 07 August 2019 by   Berijoy