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Green Resolutions

So, Australia is on fire, the Amazon rain forest is being destroyed, there is more plastic in the ocean than fish, there are still children in cages and separated from their... Read more


  • A Blues Blog...

    Blues Blog...

    ...has to be primarily about music, doesn't it? You know, songs steeped in the pain of the human condition, wrenched from guitars and the suffering of the... Read more

    The 21 January 2020 by   Ashleylister
  • The Importance Of Options

    Importance Options

    "Take it or leave it" produces a win-lose outcome. Providing options offers a win-win. Read more

    The 21 January 2020 by   Mrstrongest
  • New Podcast Episodes - Tender and Episode 181 - 185

    Podcast Episodes Tender Episode

    The podcast episode today is 186 and the word for today is Tender - I hope you enjoy it Here are the episodes from last week to catch - up in case you haven't... Read more

    The 21 January 2020 by   Realityarts
  • Snow Birds--Mostly Cardinals

    Snow Birds--Mostly Cardinals

    Our bird feeders did a brisk business yesterday -- at one time I counted six male cardinals but could only get three in frame. All of these were taken through... Read more

    The 21 January 2020 by   Vickilane
  • Our Little Town

    Little Town

    Marshall has changed so much since we moved here back in '75. It's become a veritable happening place. This month's Our State magazine put the Star Diner on... Read more

    The 19 January 2020 by   Vickilane
  • Twisting Branches

    Twisting Branches

    Here is “Twisting Branches.” Twisting Branches. 24″ x 30″, Oil on Canvas, © 2020 Cedar Lee I created an oil painting demo video (below) to show my... Read more

    The 18 January 2020 by   Artbycedar
  • Barn Fire Update--Moving Ahead

    Barn Fire Update--Moving Ahead

    After a very long wait, we have finally received a check from our insurance company for the loss of the barn. We have held off clearing away any of the debris,... Read more

    The 17 January 2020 by   Vickilane
  • Blues - Don't Stop the Music

    Blues Don't Stop Music

    In my life, music soothes everything. There’s a song for every occasion. Putting all the Christmas stuff away includes taking The Moody Blues ‘December’ album... Read more

    The 14 January 2020 by   Ashleylister
  • A New Improved About Page

    Improved About Page

    I have a new About Page. This post looks at what I decided to include, and what I decided to leave out-- and why. Read more

    The 14 January 2020 by   Mrstrongest
  • The Proverbial Blast from the Past

    Proverbial Blast from Past

    This is me (believe it or don't) with my first born, standing outside the geodesic dome of the private school (Independent Day School, aka the hippie school)... Read more

    The 14 January 2020 by   Vickilane


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