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The Big 1 8 - My Birthday

By Emmielois @emmielois

 This blog post is brought to you by the comfort of my bed, due to tiredness and slight hung-over-ness.  I celebrated my 18th birthday on the Thursday just gone (27th) and have had THE best time!
 The big 1 8  - my birthday My amazing best friends bought me a 12 month subscription to ELLE magazine...and even that wasn't enough! They also bought me a gorgeous ring with a ruby stone. God love 'em. The big 1 8  - my birthdayI had college on my actual birthday, so thought I would make a conscious effort to...well... make effort! The big 1 8  - my birthdayI bought this blazer agesss ago and wore it for the first time in this outfit. I love the toile de Joie print on it, I've never seen one like it before! The big 1 8  - my birthday Birthday cards and surprise chocolate cheesecake at lunch in college! (how hot is my moon pig card!) The big 1 8  - my birthday After college, I went for a lovely meal with the fam.
I wore my blue leather trousers of course.
The big 1 8  - my birthday
The big 1 8  - my birthday
 My lovely aunty bought me these Zara mules! I bloody love them.
The big 1 8  - my birthday Had a lovely brunch with friends! The big 1 8  - my birthday
To top the birthday celebrations off, I went out on Saturday night to the clubs in my local town. I saw this dress from Missguided ages ago and immediately loved the cut and the print...and the price tag! £20 - you cannot go wrong with that! *hey teddy bear chilling on the would not think I am 18 at all*
 I've been 18 for 4 days now, and I still think its weird when people ask me how old I am and I say '18'. I feel as though I should still be saying '15' or even 'I'm sorry I'm not allowed to talk to strangers'.It's weird being officially labelled as an 'adult'......I still cant even reach the top shelves in my kitchen.  Anywho, I had such an amazing time celebrating with my family and friends!  I'll be doing an outfit post soon with my new shoes.
Watch out for new clothes too because mamma has ALOT of gift vouchers!
hope everyone had a nice weekend.
The big 1 8  - my birthday
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