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Creek Slope Paperblog Pick in Self Expression

The Creek Slope and Me

Aussie Fact:  If you visit this country you will probably get a jabbing about “drop bears”.  Be wary of the drop bear, it is a vicious carnivorous koala bear that drops from trees.... Read more

Broken Love Story Around Philippines Paperblog Pick in Self Expression

A Broken Love Story Around the Philippines

I tell my story about what could be the most distressing portion of my life. It meant traveling alone feeling lost, and hopeless and fighting for love. To say that my life went in... Read more


  • Why Query Tracker Is Like Fertility Friend

    Query Tracker Like Fertility Friend

    Years ago, before I had birthed me three buoyant boys, I used to frequent a site called Fertility Friend. One could track one's BBT (basal body temperature) eac... Read more

    The 26 April 2011 by   Jennyphresh
  • Weight Gain During Pregnancy

    Weight Gain During Pregnancy

    I did mention on my previous post that I have a cousin and a sister who's on their way of becoming a mom, what I mean is pregnant. Their OB gave them this... Read more

    The 09 April 2011 by   Synzmemoir
  • Quality Street Coffee in London / Brewed Boy Espresso

    Quality Street Coffee London Brewed Espresso

    Repeatedly I am confronted with questions and comments and dwell upon my own thoughts about the differences between various qualities of coffee houses. Read more

    The 22 April 2011 by   Aristippos
  • I Am NOT a Star Spinner

    Star Spinner

    ... but my hubby is!You may be thinking that I've completely lost my marbles but I'll explain...First, take a minute and humor me. Picture the coolest job in th... Read more

    The 05 April 2011 by   Saratpierce
  • Sunshine After the Storm

    Sunshine After Storm

    Life has been kinda hectic lately and though I've thought about posting several times I haven't been able to focus my mind toward doing so. Read more

    The 16 April 2011 by   Catem
  • Healthy Diet for Pregnant Women

    Healthy Diet Pregnant Women

    Pregnancy is a big responsibility and this includes choosing healthy food! The health of your baby begins at the moment of conception. Read more

    The 10 April 2011 by   Synzmemoir
  • Joyful


    One of the hallmark characteristics of individuals affected by Williams Syndrome (WS) is a highly social personality. This past weekend, Bean was surrounded by... Read more

    The 27 April 2011 by   Babyjandbean
  • Pics of Our 6 Week Old Chicks!

    Pics Week Chicks!

    Red Bantam Americana Four Chicks Pics of our 6 week old chicks! Read more

    The 08 April 2011 by   Chelseajmartin
  • The Versatile Blogger Award: Now Tattooed on My First Born Son!

    Versatile Blogger Award: Tattooed First Born Son!

    I didn't know WHAT to do with this shiny new award I just got from the delightful Cherie over at Ready. Write. Go. (Honored I am, indeed!)At first I thought thi... Read more

    The 29 April 2011 by   Jennyphresh
  • All Things PAINT

    Things PAINT

    It's time for another link party!Today's prompt is "All Things Paint" which is extremely exciting for me since I LOVE TO PAINT. Read more

    The 25 April 2011 by   Saratpierce


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