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My 2014 NCAA March Madness Bracket Is Busted!

By Phjoshua @thereviewsarein

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This is Madness!

How many times have we heard that in the last 2 days?

I love March Madness. And the round of 64 this year is a perfect example why. Yes it’s true that my bracket is pretty broken up with 23 correct picks and 9 incorrect picks. But it could be worse.

I fully acknowledge that I didn’t have any of the big upsets picked. But man has it been fun to watch some of them happen.

Especially Duke losing to Mercer. Duke was my first loss by a team that I had predicted to win more than 1 game (later joined by VCU) – but I hate the Blue Devils so much that I’m not even mad about getting that pick wrong.

I’ve also been spoiled to watch the round of 64 with some good friends, drinks, food, and great sports debate and conversation. It has very much reminded me why taking of the 1st Thursday and Friday of the tournament is a great idea that I dropped the ball on again.

Side note: In my 2nd pool… the one worth money – I’m 27 out of 32 so far, tied for 1st place and with the most total points still available.

Here’s hoping that you are ready for Saturday and Sunday’s action as we get from 32 teams down to the Sweet 16.

If Thursday and Friday were any indication… we could be in for something really special.

My 2014 NCAA March Madness Busted Bracket

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