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  • High Protein Buttermilk Pancakes

    High Protein Buttermilk Pancakes

    It has been a whole week since I’ve given up drinking caffeine!!  I am sleeping a lot better.   My head is not exploding by afternoon any more, and I don’t... Read more

    The 08 August 2013 by   Thehungryartist
  • Wednesdays Unplugged - Corn, Tomato, Avocado Salad with Mozzarella Di Bufala

    Wednesdays Unplugged Corn, Tomato, Avocado Salad with Mozzarella Bufala

    "Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability." ~ Sam Keen NOTE: I spend my Wednesdays Unplugged from appointments. It's my day to stay home, enjoy... Read more

    The 29 August 2013 by   Homesmsp
  • Birthday CAKE!

    Birthday CAKE!

    My personal favorite birthday cake is chocolate and vanilla marble cake with coconut frosting. Being gluten-free and vegan makes this an adventure. Read more

    The 12 August 2013 by   Turningveganese
  • Healthy International Recipe: Pad Thai

    Healthy International Recipe: Thai

    Pad Thai features prominently in Thai cuisine. One of Thailand’s national dishes, it actually originated in Vietnam, but was brought to Thailand by traders,... Read more

    The 08 August 2013 by   Healthytravelblog
  • Carrot Ginger Salad (Gluten, Dairy and Refined Sugar Free)

    Carrot Ginger Salad (Gluten, Dairy Refined Sugar Free)

    Summer has been busy and I have been without a computer for awhile but glad to be back on. Thought I would share this recipe. This is my sister's salad recipe... Read more

    The 01 August 2013 by   Irene Shaver
  • Black Dog Easy Evenings @ Westin, Gurgaon

    Black Easy Evenings Westin, Gurgaon

    Black Dog Scotch has been holding its exclusive events as ‘Easy Evenings’ for few years now which entails gourmet nights or comedy acts. Read more

    The 04 August 2013 by   Indian Food Freak
  • Cheesy Chicken Bacon Ranch Pot Pie

    Cheesy Chicken Bacon Ranch

    /Kelli’s Retro Kitchen ArtsI love chicken pot pie, Mr. Picky Eater? Not so much. It’s his problem with most things vegetable that cause an issue. Read more

    The 05 August 2013 by   Kalamitykelli
  • Berry Crumble Bars

    Berry Crumble Bars

    This past Sunday was my father’s birthday, and I know that the best way to his heart is through his stomach, better yet his sweet tooth. Read more

    The 30 August 2013 by   Thedreamery
  • Chocolate & Raspberry Cake

    Chocolate Raspberry Cake

    I know it's hot outside, but this girl needs some cake in her life!When I moved down to Cambridgeshire, I cut it very close time-wise - I only arranged a place... Read more

    The 04 August 2013 by   Cakeoftheweek
  • Amti ~ A Classic Sweet & Sour Dal from Maharashtra

    Amti Classic Sweet Sour from Maharashtra

    When it comes to Maharashtrian cuisine, I think of delicious, simple comfort foods. This dal which is made either with channa dal (split chick peas) or toor... Read more

    The 05 August 2013 by   Weavethousandflavors


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