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Granola Muffins Paperblog Pick in Recipes

Granola Muffins

A while ago, I received an email from the lovely Sophie at Limetree, asking me to try Lizi’s Granola. She said: “It is a healthy, completely natural granola with no additives or... Read more

Blogger Brunch Week Chocolate Chip Banana Bundt Cake Paperblog Pick in Recipes

Blogger Brunch Week and Chocolate Chip Banana Bundt Cake

I am a SO excited that Blogger Brunch Week is finally here! I teamed up with a ton of other food bloggers to bring you the most mouth-watering delicious brunch-worthy recipes. Read more


  • I’m Engaged!


    HI guys!I know you’ve already seen the photos and heard the news but I figured I’d make it double-trouble official and spill the beans here on the blog. Read more

    The 27 May 2013 by   Marensmorsels
  • How to Make Yummy Cake Pops

    Make Yummy Cake Pops

    I made this tutorial for How To Make Yummy Cake Pops over Easter and never shared it. Mostly because it was over Easter, and we were so busy I just let it sit i... Read more

    The 02 May 2013 by   Pinkwhen
  • Victorian Sponge Cake with Fresh Raspberries

    Victorian Sponge Cake with Fresh Raspberries

    Today 19th May 2013 is World Baking Day.  Get your aprons on, and try an old fashioned Victorian Sponge Cake The Victorian Sponge Cake was named after Queen... Read more

    The 19 May 2013 by   Shadesofcinnamon
  • SushiQuick: Make Sushi at Home

    SushiQuick: Make Sushi Home

    SushiQuick is a kit designed for everyone who wants to make easy rolls at home for the first time. They took all the guess work out of it. The hardest thing... Read more

    The 03 May 2013 by   Nogarlicnoonions
  • Chocolate Pistachio Rolled Baklava

    Chocolate Pistachio Rolled Baklava

    Chocolate baklava with nuts? Yes! And a very easy recipe too! I'm using ready made filo dough this time (you could check my made from scratch recipe here), whic... Read more

    The 11 May 2013 by   Olgalina
  • Guest Blogger: In Vegetables We Trust – Gluten Free, Soy Free, Jammy Almond Swir...

    Guest Blogger: Vegetables Trust Gluten Free, Jammy Almond Swirl Cake

    I cannot say enough good things about Alex, author of In Vegetables We Trust, so I’ll let his post dazzle you. He has contributed a few times to Vegan Bloggers... Read more

    The 15 May 2013 by   Veganbloggersunite
  • Baked Sev / Low Fat Omapodi

    Baked Omapodi

    Are you in a strict diet to lose weight ? Also craving to eat snack ? Then you should go for this kind of low fat snack... This tasty , low calorie Indian... Read more

    The 02 May 2013 by   Foodybuddy
  • Dink Ladoo | Dry Fruits Ladoo

    Dink Ladoo Fruits

    'Dinka Ladoo' is very traditional winter recipe.As soon as winter steps in our country, every mom will start shopping for dry fruits and making 'dinka ladoo'. Read more

    The 28 May 2013 by   Pshinde2109
  • Arisim (Arisiyum) Paruppu Sadam

    Arisim (Arisiyum) Paruppu Sadam

    Lentils Rice Recipe Dal rice or lentil rice is a comforting and traditional vegetarian meal popular in South India. Dals are fat - free and highly nutritious.... Read more

    The 21 May 2013 by   Foodybuddy
  • Authentic Japanese Restaurant and Food Store in Dubai

    Authentic Japanese Restaurant Food Store Dubai

    Authentic, good quality, tasty and affordable Japanese cuisine is hard to come by in Dubai but I have just found the one! Today’s lunch at Bentoya was the most... Read more

    The 25 May 2013 by   Cosybites


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