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  • Hyderabadi Style, Murgh Do-Piaza ~ Chicken Stewed with Onions

    Hyderabadi Style, Murgh Do-Piaza Chicken Stewed with Onions

    Slow Saute It's at the heart of Hyderabadi cuisine. The ingredients are a handful of what is used in almost all regions of Indian cuisine. But it is this... Read more

    The 12 May 2013 by   Weavethousandflavors
  • Make-It-Parve Spring Pea Soup

    Make-It-Parve Spring Soup

    We consider ourselves very lucky to have been given the opportunity to review the new cookbook, The New Jewish Table, by Todd and Ellen Kassoff Gray of... Read more

    The 09 May 2013 by   Weliketocook
  • Spicy Greek Goddess Dip

    Spicy Greek Goddess

    Snacking is such an important part of eating healthy. How many of us are on "a diet" and eat healthy all day only to be starving in between meals and stuff our... Read more

    The 20 May 2013 by   Tiniest_bean
  • Charm City - Baltimore

    Charm City Baltimore

    I admit I am either a pain junkie or a very determined blogger. I refuse to let Google ruin my right to share all my wonderful pictures with you. I'll show... Read more

    The 11 May 2013 by   Wishuponadish
  • Potatoes O’Brien

    Potatoes O’Brien

    I made a smoker for the blog this weekend. Yep, I learned how to make a smoker to use in the oven when I was in Girl Scouts – we learned some incredible stuff i... Read more

    The 30 May 2013 by   Kalamitykelli
  • Another Type of Cheesecake

    Another Type Cheesecake

    This cake…I don’t even know how to title it.It has cream cheese in it.It has white chocolate,It has butter.Yet it’s not exactly a cheesecake,nor is it a... Read more

    The 10 May 2013 by   Crustabakes
  • Mexican Quinoa Bowl

    Mexican Quinoa Bowl

    I’m sure you know that quinoa is a super food. However, did you know that 1 cup of cooked quinoa contains 8 grams of protein, 5 grams of fiber, and almost 3... Read more

    The 13 May 2013 by   Momfashionlifestyle
  • A Delicious (Vegan) Mess... Or Take 5 Chocolate "Bars"

    Delicious (Vegan) Mess... Take Chocolate "Bars"

    Sometimes you do things and they just doesn't work out as planned. These things could be big life choices or daily activities but today I am talking about... Read more

    The 30 May 2013 by   Kitchengrrrls
  • Blueberry and Chocolate Dessert Sliders with Vanilla Ice Cream

    Blueberry Chocolate Dessert Sliders with Vanilla Cream

    I'm not really into making bread. I feel like I should be weaving poetic yarns about the wonder that is yeast, the therapeutic effects of kneading dough and... Read more

    The 16 May 2013 by   Homeskillet
  • Farro Salad with Roasted Vegetables

    Farro Salad with Roasted Vegetables

    After posting sugary desserts for the past 4 days, I thought it was time for something healthy and definitely savory. Also May happens to be the 'National... Read more

    The 01 May 2013 by   Pavani


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