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  • Short and Sweet

    Short Sweet

    Did you say breakfast? Good Morning! I am feeling a little grateful it's supposed to cool down a bit today. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the sunshine - but it wen... Read more

    The 24 April 2012 by   Healthhungry
  • Time Management 101: How to Do It All!

    Time Management 101: All!

    “How do you do it all?” Is the #1 question I get.I have to start by saying that I’ve worked through many of these things with my life coach Judy Baer. Read more

    The 09 April 2012 by   Writerinterrupted
  • When You’re in a Funk…

    When You’re Funk…

    What do you do when you’re in a funk? Given my February and March, this past week was by no stretch of the imagination, a terrible week. But it wasn’t a good on... Read more

    The 26 April 2012 by   Ncrimaldi
  • Making Writing Fun for Kids

    Making Writing Kids

    Here’s a novel idea. Writing is about writing, not spelling. (I’ll admit, I blinked when I read that. I had my schoolmarm hat on.)If you read my blog, you know ... Read more

    The 12 April 2012 by   Writerinterrupted
  • Story of Madras-2

    Story Madras-2

    In the previous post story of madras-1 we saw the history of few places and famous temples in the city. Madras too has its share of beautiful buildings,whose... Read more

    The 12 April 2012 by   Sahi
  • Reducing Stress

    Reducing Stress

    stress is often caused by a particular situation we are in. Many people, for example, have a fear of public speaking. An effective strategy is to prepare well i... Read more

    The 02 April 2012 by   Sahi
  • Forgiveness is Bliss

    Forgiveness Bliss

    The theme this week, the 14th week of 2012 is Forgiveness. A powerful thing One of the best reasons to talk about forgiveness is how much good it will do for... Read more

    The 02 April 2012 by   Shawnaschuh
  • Interview with Allie Pleiter

    Interview with Allie Pleiter

    An avid knitter, coffee junkie, and devoted chocoholic, Allie Pleiter writes both fiction and non-fiction.The enthusiastic but slightly untidy mother of two,... Read more

    The 26 April 2012 by   Writerinterrupted
  • The “Real” Hunger Games

    I made Diana Pierce of NBC KARE 11 compete in my version of The Hunger Games. I ask her nutrition questions and she either wins a loaf of muddy bread or a... Read more

    The 09 April 2012 by   Jenny Evans
  • The Eve of Triumph


    To me, this day before Easter is almost as holy as the day itself. Imagine that day, the Jewish Sabbath, a day set aside for rest and reflection. And what were... Read more

    The 07 April 2012 by   Writerinterrupted


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