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  • The Truth About Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians

    Editor’s Note – I’m not usually one to talk about politics. I prefer to keep this blog to topics like starting a business or finding jobs, but after a few recen... Read more

    The 23 April 2012 by   Gjosefsberg
  • March in Review, Blogwise + Blogger Tips

    March Review, Blogwise Blogger Tips

    March has a been a productive month, I've worked hard on my blog, have made some radical changes, from black and dark colors to bright and shinny ones though I'... Read more

    The 05 April 2012 by   Eugeniusgenius
  • Dikes of Courage

    Dikes Courage

    Martin Luther King, 1964 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)This week’s theme is fear – it’s a good topic and one each of us dances with – some of us more than others... Read more

    The 16 April 2012 by   Shawnaschuh
  • Eavesdropping


    It was a very cold night. I went out with my friend around midnight to find something to eat. One would say it a scavenging process, as at that time you could... Read more

    The 21 April 2012 by   Chetan
  • Spend Today Well

    Spend Today Well

    An 85-year old Ivatan woman sitting at her house's door (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Hugh White said this simple truth, “The past cannot be changed; the future is... Read more

    The 27 April 2012 by   Shawnaschuh
  • A Daily Check in

    Daily Check

    When we do a daily check in – to answer the question, “How am I doing on my goals?” it brings a clear focus on results. We either are doing what we stated we... Read more

    The 26 April 2012 by   Shawnaschuh
  • Rejection Doesn’t Make You a Loser

    Rejection Doesn’t Make Loser

    From the Archives and worth a revisit!Every year emotions run high after the Genesis contest results are discovered. I’ve experienced the disappointment of not... Read more

    The 18 April 2012 by   Writerinterrupted
  • Feed Good Stuff

    Feed Good Stuff

    Illustration of a "European black wolf" by Charles Hamilton Smith (Photo credit: Wikipedia)John Paul Jones said, “If fear is cultivated it will become... Read more

    The 19 April 2012 by   Shawnaschuh

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