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That morning she woke up with a smile on her face, she had dreamed of new plans. New plans that would come to her every now and then. The last time the plan took her 1258 miles fro... Read more

“How’s Love Life” Other Horrors Paperblog Pick in Life Coach

“How’s the Love Life” and Other Horrors

I have feared this moment for years. Two of my last childhood best friends moved in with their boyfriends and bought dogs. We have finally, officially, become (dramatic music... Read more


  • Plan for Early Retirement and Life - Part 6 Medium Term Planning

    Plan Early Retirement Life Part Medium Term Planning

    You need the force to navigate the investing mazeLast time we left our Heroes running down the street - not very heroic?MUFF: "That was a close call we really... Read more

    The 30 December 2012 by   The Contender
  • 11 God's Inspiring Words.

    God's Inspiring Words.

    I hope everyone is doing well. And thank you, for taking your precious time reading my blog it makes me glad knowing that you’re still interested with my... Read more

    The 07 December 2012 by   Saintgoody
  • 12-12-12 Channeling of Shekinah

    12-12-12 Channeling Shekinah

    12-12-12 was an important day. During this Cosmic Portal day, a great influx of energy came to Earth to bring in the Divine Feminine. Many Light workers across... Read more

    The 15 December 2012 by   Angellightheart
  • Gift Idea: 8 Perfect Gifts for the Man in Your Life.

    Gift Idea: Perfect Gifts Your Life.

    Hello Rockstars!This is a guest post from a male blogger Alex from Bang to Basic.We live in the same town and he is the only blogger I know of in my town at... Read more

    The 17 December 2012 by   Shegotherown
  • Live to Love

    Live Love

    Life is about loving, not just our self but others as well, for No man is an island. But sad to say, the world teaches us to live with equality, rights and... Read more

    The 26 December 2012 by   Saintgoody
  • Inappropriate & Funny Funeral Songs

    Inappropriate Funny Funeral Songs

    Though often considered inappropriate, funny funeral songs are just what people might need to help alleviate the grief of losing a loved one. Read more

    The 13 December 2012 by   Yourtribute
  • Financial Independence Planner & Stock Screener

    Financial Independence Planner Stock Screener

    PERL - Plan For Early Retirement and Life ToolsUpdate on project MUFFLER1. A Major performance and functionality upgrade to the spreadsheet financial... Read more

    The 11 December 2012 by   The Contender
  • Were the Indians and the Mayans Brothers???

    Were Indians Mayans Brothers???

    There are striking similarities between the South Indian Mayan culture and the Maayan culture of Mexico, according to eminent Historian, S. Padmanabhan,... Read more

    The 21 December 2012 by   Sahi
  • Debut Book – Shadow Dance – Coming Soon

    Debut Book Shadow Dance Coming Soon

    I’ve been working on my first novel. NaNoWriMo really helped me with my productivity. It’s been a journey and I can hardly describe the joy I felt in writing... Read more

    The 05 December 2012 by   Cynthialuhrs
  • Famous Songs To Sing At A Funeral

    Famous Songs Sing Funeral

    Choosing famous songs to sing at a funeral can be difficult. There are a lot of touching songs that can be played at a funeral, but to find the right song to... Read more

    The 13 December 2012 by   Yourtribute


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