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Bundles of Joy.

By Manjumodiyani @HoshiyaarChaddi
We all have a liking for some special people or things. The people or things that make our day. That lift our spirits, remind us of someone or something, or even give us a nostalgia. I too am fond of a few things that makes me feel good. I don't know why, or how, but they seem to have a very positive effect on my mind and my thoughts. Its like they show me a ray of hope when I feel low.

Bundles of joy.

Image by: Edal

I find rain a happy expression from the heavens. Every year I make sure I go out in the first rain of the season and get drenched, no matter what, alone or with friends. I simply love it. Be it just a drizzle or heavy, rains will always make me happy.
I look up to the sky filled with dark clouds, lightning and thunder. The rain drops pouring down on me. I can feel my face wet, and can smell the wet soil beneath my feet. The spread out my arms and surrender myself. I want to be drenched from head to toe and my soul absorbing it all. Rain will wash away my fears, and my cheeks stained by tears. It will kill all my bad memories and my mind will bloom again like a new flower. Its like being in a magical place. The sound of thunder is music to my ears and the lightning is a visual treat.
I look around and feel the freshness. The earth that was parched a few moments ago, from the summer heat, now seems to be satisfied, like my mind.

Bundles of joy.

Kids are angels on Earth. Being in their company makes me feel happy. Their innocence and inquisitive mind makes me wonder. Their innocent questions can puzzle an adult. I look at them with awe, how these little creatures bring us joy. Their divine smile and bright starry eyes.... Their angelic laughter are like bells ringing in heaven. A kid's hug makes me feel loved and closer to God. 

Bundles of joy.

A hardcore tea lover will always choose a cup of a proper tea over property, anytime. I am one of them. Morning, afternoon, evening, night or midnight...we will never deny tea!
I love its aroma, the taste and colors. Let it be green tea, jasmine tea or black tea, its like a holy drink to us!
Tea reminds me of my school days when I had started drinking it out of necessity to pull off my nights studying. Now its more than a necessity...Its more than a habit...Its an addiction and I'm loving it!
It fills me with breaths of life with little sips.....

Bundles of joy.

Image by: KingKurt22

Till now I've taken 5-6 trips to different beaches in India and wish to visit more. I prefer a quiet place. An untouched beach would be a delight! No one around. Just me and my loneliness. Blue waters, white sands, beautiful coconut trees around. A small hut by the beach.
I love walking by the sea, leaving my footprints on the sand as a souvenir. But the waves wash them away every time. I love that feeling when the waves caress my feet time and again.....endlessly. I love the sound of waves every time it reaches my ears....endlessly. I love the view of the horizon where the sparkling blue waters meet the clear blue sky. The cool breeze caressing my face. The noise of the seagulls, and watching the sun set down.
Lying down on the sand by the fire and staring at the starry sky above on a dark night. Wondering how the sun rise would be... Anticipations....They keep you going!
We all have our own reasons to be happy. People or things...or events...that define us, our lives, and our state of mind. What is it in your case?

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