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When You’re in a Funk…

By Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

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What do you do when you’re in a funk?

Given my February and March, this past week was by no stretch of the imagination, a terrible week. But it wasn’t a good one either. I felt stressed about life and work and usually I handle stress pretty well. For the last week or maybe even last two weeks I had not been handling well at all. I was either working or thinking about work or feeling guilty for not doing work. It was all a bit too much about work which is funny because I probably wasn’t doing as much work physically as I was mentally straining myself about work.

Nonetheless, I was tired, frustrated, not getting enough sleep and eventually all this led to a severe migraine earlier this week. I literally felt like I might die on Monday. Yes, I was being dramatic but I hadn’t suffered a severe migraine like that in a while and it was painful. You would think this was the “low light” of my week.

They yesterday, I botched up a presentation at work. I was literally saved by one of the ladies I work with who insisted that we move the rest of the presentation for a different day. I thought I was fine; I had tried to remain strong throughout what wasn’t a very positive situation. But, have you ever had an experience where you think you’re fine and the minute someone asks you’re fine, you start crying? That’s what happened. I cried.

Crying at work is something I do not recommend. Granted, everyone around me was really compassionate and completely understood but still I was/am embarrassed that I couldn’t hold it in.  I am not even a bug fan of crying in public. Given the fact that I’ve written about water works in some of my posts, some of you may find that hard to believe but I seldom ever cry in front of people. Either way, it happened and what else can I say  apart from: shit happens.

Although in my head, I am going to forever be in the “girl who cried,” yesterday did do something positive for me – it made me stop. Sometimes, you just need to stop. Not stop and think (although that’s important), not stop and do something else; just stop.

I hadn’t stopped in a while and it was clear that I needed it. Once I stopped, I realized the things I needed to do and for me getting out of my funk was as simple as the following:

1. Talking with a friend. I love all my friends but there are a few who are especially amazing for days like this. I called one of my good friends who I met in college. He is one of those people who always helps you see things objectively and at the same time put things in perspective.

2. Try something new. I tried a different workout yesterday in addition to running because all I thought about while running was how much I wanted to de-stress from the situation which of course made me just think about the situation. I tried a new class which was great for the body and mind called “Willpower and Grace.” The barefoot class made me focus on learning the new moves and because it was out of the ordinary for my workout routine, I had to legitimately follow along so there was not time to think about my terrible week

3. Grab dinner and drinks with a non-work friend. I say a non-work friend because the last thing I wanted to remind myself of last night was work. I needed to stop thinking about work and stop being guilty for not doing work at the times I thought I should be. I juggle different schedules and sometimes the mere juggling is work. I went out with one of my friends and grabbed some dinner and a drink and we laughed and that’s exactly what I needed.

Additionally, I have aimed to cut things out of my life that are just not fun anymore and have just said flat-out that I can no longer continue some things. Yes, it was a funk but it was a funk that was much-needed to shake me up and remind me that I am a human being with only so many hours in the day. And while I ought to be productive and useful, I also ought to be happy and healthy.

So again, I ask: how do you get out of a funk? Also, feel free to share stories about any water works at work. They really will make me feel better.


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