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The Eve of Triumph

By Writerinterrupted @writerinterrupt

The Eve of TriumphTo me, this day before Easter is almost as holy as the day itself. Imagine that day, the Jewish Sabbath, a day set aside for rest and reflection. And what were the followers of Christ reflecting on that day? The death of the man they thought was the Messiah. The end of hope. Can you imagine the darkness of that day? Around them, their fellow Jews observed the Sabbath after celebrating the Passover, the most joyous of Jewish festivals. Somehow, the first of our brothers and sisters in Christ had to hide their sorrow, smile along with their families and friends, pretending to be in high spirits on what surely was the most devastating time of their lives.

Darkness. Dispair. Can you feel the utter anguish in their hearts as the image of their dying Savior flashed through their minds over and over again? Oh, how the hours of that Sabbath day two-thousand years ago must have stretched on and tore at their hearts like vultures on a dying animal.

One day. In just one day the despair would be stripped away to be replaced with a joy no human being has felt since. They would go from the deepest of depths to the highest of heights in just one day.

But the day had not come yet. As far as they knew, they would never see the light again. Did some sneak off to their room to cry bitterly into their beds? Did some run away, feeling the shame of their family for following yet another false Messiah? Did some consider suicide?

Don’t lose focus on the reality of that day, nor the symbolism. For each of us has been in that dark place, hopelessness gripping our hearts. How could we have known what awaited us on the other side of a simple confession of faith?

This day, remember your day. Your last day without Him. Remember those who suffered through the death of our Lord. They are our brothers and sisters. We are brothers and sisters. Time and distance cannot erase the threads that bond us. Feel their pain and weep with them. Tomorrow is a new day.

Then, we will reach across the millenniums and miles and rejoice our Risen Lord.

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