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  • Scandal | 1x01 | Pilot | Review

    Scandal 1x01 Pilot Review

    Scandal - the new series from legendary and world renown TV Series creator, the one and only Shonda Rhimes. And so Shonda Rhimes strikes again with a new hit... Read more

    The 06 April 2012 by   Eugeniusgenius
  • Let's Get It Started!

    Let's Started!

    Good Monday Morning! The past 3 mornings I have woken up so stiff and sore; normally I'd head straight for the coffee pot. Today I got up and drank 32 oz. of... Read more

    The 09 April 2012 by   Healthhungry
  • Hunger + Strong Emotion = Desire to Binge

    Hunger Strong Emotion Desire Binge

    This work week went really really fast! Today ended the week in a very challenging way, and I was FEELING a strong urge to eat what I wanted(carbs) in a quick... Read more

    The 27 April 2012 by   Healthhungry
  • Happy Earth Day!

    Happy Earth Day!

    !!(yes that's decaf - *sigh)I started the day with these tasty protein pancakes:-2 eggs-1/4 cup pumpkin-1/4 cup applesauce-1 scoop protein powder-2 Tbsp Flax... Read more

    The 23 April 2012 by   Healthhungry
  • Week One; Feeling Good!

    Week One; Feeling Good!

    Well, it's been one week my friends. One week of really clean, vegetable based eating. I have to say, it's been really good! Top Craving: Coffee - specifically... Read more

    The 15 April 2012 by   Healthhungry
  • Friday Night Eating

    Friday Night Eating

    Hello, and Happy Saturday to you! Do you see what I am holding in my hot little hand right there?I treated myself to a 12oz. split shot soy latte yesterday... Read more

    The 28 April 2012 by   Healthhungry
  • Friday the 13th

    Friday 13th

    I didn't even realize it was Friday the 13th until I paid my bill at the salon today. That explains my getting lost for longer than I'd like to admit... but... Read more

    The 14 April 2012 by   Healthhungry
  • P Factor


    I always hate the P(ee) factor... I have been very hydrated today which equals a whole lot of trips to the ladies room. However, this too shall pass! Read more

    The 10 April 2012 by   Healthhungry
  • Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter!

    He is not here; He has risen. {Matthew 28:6} He took death. He took death so that we may have life. He took death because He has that kind of radical love for... Read more

    The 08 April 2012 by   Sydneygrace
  • How To Stop Worrying and Start Living

    Welcome back to Dividend Stock Investing for the Common Man! I appreciate you interest in my blog and hope you are reaping the benefits of Dividend stock... Read more

    The 28 April 2012 by   Divstkforcomman


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