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Fear the Sweet, Soft and Pretty

By Shawnaschuh
6 Month Old Labradoodle sleeping on bed

6 Month Old Labradoodle sleeping on bed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Big fears or little fears – fear is the theme this week – how is your awareness around it?


Elbert Hubbard (love that name: Elbert) once said,


“The great Big Black Things that have loomed against the horizon of my life, threatening to devour me, simply loomed and nothing more. The things that have really made me miss my train have always been sweet, soft, pretty, pleasant things of which I was not in the least afraid.”


This is good stuff – for me at least – when I think about the things that derail me, that push me off my goals, my desires, my path – it usually is the little things that upset my habits  or routine.


The not doing of the tiny details usually produce the biggest upsets, mistakes and appalling fears, like, “Did I miss that deadline?” or “Why didn’t I follow up like I wanted?”


Today as we go about our lives – how could it benefit us to check in with the details and make sure they are serving to create courage rather than produce anxiety and fear?


Let’s take a look at the sweet, soft, pretty and pleasant things that may be preventing us from our deepest goals and realize that we can still enjoy them without allowing them to derail us.


You create your day by the way you think. Make it focused and magnificent!


Blessings, Shawna

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