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Word of the Week: “I AM” (be Careful What You Ask For)

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

Word of the Week:  “I Am”

The universe is filled with infinite choices, options, and possibilities  No outcome is predetermined.  We have the power given to us from God, the universe, a higher power – whichever you prefer – to make these choices for ourselves, to change our course, to lighten our load, clear our path, and to live a different life filled with love and light.

Word of the Week:  “I AM” (be careful what you ask for)The way to do this is contained within one simple statement:  I AM.  What you follow that simple statement with, is what sets your course and draws things or circumstance into your life from God or the universe.   Many times you’ve heard me say positive attracts positive; negative attracts negative.  Let’s for a minute look at a larger picture.  The universe – being filled with endless possibilies, options, and choices – just floating around out there.  Variables and outcomes waiting to find a home.  God, or the universe, is going to give you what you ask for – so consider what you ask for; consider what you think; consider what you exude.

I know for myself I used to say “I live according to Murphy’s Law”.  Guess what?  Every weird thing that could possibly happen to me, did happen!  I cannot even tell you how many times I would trouble shoot my computer or talk to someone at customer service and while describing my issue, was told “Wow, Mrs. Burke, I’ve never seen this problem before!”  And, I would reinforce that with my statement, “Well, I do live according to Murphy’s Law!” The same thing in relationships.  It seemed I would just draw to me, the negative people and things out there.

I started to look at what I was putting out there.  Rather than saying (or thinking!)  “I am frustrated by this person or this situation”, I learned to reverse my statements.  “I am strong”, “I am able to overcome”, “I am thankful”, “I am welcoming positive things into my life”.  You know the old saying, “Be careful what you wish for.  Same goes for praying, thinking, speaking, and carrying yourself.

Another thing I’ve learned is to state something as if it is so.  As if it has already manifested itself in you.  As if you have already become what you seek.  Not “I will” or “I can”, because that could mean any time in the future.  That means that whatever you want to be or do or feel is hanging around up there, out there – waiting for you – out of your reach.

By stating “I AM” it means now.  It means it’s here.  It’s already happening.  I AM.  (It’s not in the future – I want to be, I will, I might)  It’s not in the past (I was, I could have been, I should have).  It’s NOW.   By saying I AM you are drawing to yourself the infinite possibilities out there.  You are making it happen.

You might even think this is hokey, you might not actually believe it at first.   Try it anyway!  Try it for a month or so.  Look into the mirror, watch yourself say it.  Say it outloud.  Say it in your mind.  You have, for so long, programmed yourself to attract negative things, emotions, and circumstances – now you must RE-program yourself for the positive.  When you catch yourself or feel yourself saying something in a negative way – hurry up and reverse it into something positive.

Get out from under yourself.  Stop saying “I am broke”, “I am afraid”, “I am sick”; Start saying “I am wealthy”, “I am confident”, “I am healthy”.  The universe is like a big old mirror.  Whatever you see when you look into it, will be sent back you.

Wayne Dyer says:  God says to Moses “I AM that I AM” and he said thus “You shall say to the children of Israel ‘I AM has sent me to you.  This is my name for ever and this is my memorial to all generations.’”.   God did not say “I will be”, “My name is I Hope Things Work Out Well”, “My name is Maybe Things That I Want Will Show Up But Possibly Not!”  He said “I AM that I AM”

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