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  • The Law of Exponential Taper Gremlin Growth

    Exponential Taper Gremlin Growth

    At any given time, the last 20 weeks or so either feel like they have blown by quicker than I could blink or crawled by at a pace that would make a 3-toed... Read more

    The 09 December 2013 by   Locutus08
  • Activism – You’re Not Doing It Wrong

    Activism You’re Doing Wrong

    Today I posted a link to a piece to Facebook called “Privilege, Oppression, and Being Nice.” In the piece she says:When privileged people tell oppressed groups... Read more

    The 24 December 2013 by   Danceswithfat
  • How To Reach Your Dreams And Goals ( Talkchology )

    Reach Your Dreams Goals Talkchology

    Happy New Year my Lovies! This has been a very nice holiday season for me, this year I decided to have more personal time and less work time. I believe that... Read more

    The 31 December 2013 by   Tatiannalovingfit
  • What Do a Flea and a Bachelor Have In Common?

    What Flea Bachelor Have Common?

    I just found out where I am going to be on March 9: I’m going there to do this (thanks to Asics and the Blogger Challenge Program): I’ve never been to Los... Read more

    The 19 December 2013 by   Brisdon
  • #MightyMonday – How Epic Are You?

    #MightyMonday Epic You?

    Courtesy: Trailer News MusicMusic…there is no denying its power.  Music can be used to inspire, encourage, and uplift us.  Music can make us feel a sea of... Read more

    The 16 December 2013 by   Sbc12
  • Should We End Fat Talk?

    Should Talk?

    Name courtesy of hatemail from someone who didn’t realize that I would love this so much I would consider changing my name.A clip has been leaked of an intervie... Read more

    The 18 December 2013 by   Danceswithfat
  • Friday Q&A: Ostepenia of the Spine and Headstand

    Friday Q&A: Ostepenia Spine Headstand

    Q: I am 63 years old and have osteopenia of the spine. What are you thoughts of headstand for those of us with osteopenia of the spine? I have taken yoga for... Read more

    The 06 December 2013 by   Ninazolotow
  • November in Review

    November Review

    I didn't do this last year. I looked back. Nope, no November review and in all reality, I almost let it slip by me today as my mind is wrapped around the... Read more

    The 05 December 2013 by   Lifeasarunningmom
  • Honolulu Marathon: Race Day

    Honolulu Marathon: Race

    It is so hard to sit still and type this because all I want to do is jump up and down and say, "I did it! I did it! I did it!" I am still super amped and excite... Read more

    The 10 December 2013 by   Lifeasarunningmom
  • How I Lost IT! Featuring Michael Dawson

    Lost Featuring Michael Dawson

    Lauren and I have been sharing our weight loss updates with you each week and you have seen our successes and what works for us. There are a lot of ways to... Read more

    The 09 December 2013 by   Kenin Bassart


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