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Need a Fitness Program That Improve Body Image and Self-Esteem?

By Pamela Brown

get fit for women, how to lose weight at 40Are you frustrated by all the fitness models, fashion models, and skinny celebrity pictures that flood your television, magazines, workplaces, and your gym?

I understand, those pictures can totally wipe-out any motivation you have to lose weight.

They also make it hard to love your body because they make you feel you’re not good enough; and that you’re not lovable and attractive enough for anything?

What if you could love your body, regardless of the shape, size, or little imperfections it contains, and get to a body-weight you’re comfortable with?

It’s possible, and you can do it using the Fitness Breakthrough Coaching System.

The Story Behind the Fitness Breakthrough System

Even though I am a personal fitness and wellness coach, I still experience the same struggles other women face when it comes to their bodies and how they perceive it.  Even though others may think you have the best body in the world, it doesn’t matter if you don’t feel the same.

I can be my worst enemy and critic.  But I know that criticisms won’t serve me well in the long haul.

There was a time where I completely lost my motivation to exercise.  One day I decided that it’s pointless to exercise because I’m not going to be firm and perky forever.

I began thinking about genetics- how many unhealthy, overweight people are in my family.  I began thinking about the weight control challenges women face as they get older.

I began to imagine the inner fat woman showing her face and taking over.  This was the first EVER I began to realize why the “lose weight and tone up” motivator doesn’t work if you want to maintain exercise.

And I began to realize that outside of the “stay in shape” reason I’ve always used to keep myself active, I didn’t know how to motivate myself to exercise!

I felt lost and frustrated; this was driving me crazy!  However, I knew that I could learn to re-build my motivation.  It was clear to me that I needed a different motivational method to exercise.

The Journey Begins

If I were to learn how to motivate myself to exercise for life and love my body (even when it changes), I needed to learn:

  • how to develop the type of motivation that inspires me to exercise regularly
  • what’s necessary to develop the power and confidence to maintain a fit body
  • how to use this information to help myself and my clients

I began to read books, anything from how to motivate to how to love your body regardless of its shape.  I knew that if I am to be happy in my relationships and in life, loving my body was NECESSARY.

After all the research, I found out the reason for my loss of motivation to exercise was not because I was lazy or hated exercise, it was because I didn’t have the confidence I needed to create AND maintain a fit body.

I also realized the role self-image plays in shaping, accepting, and loving my body.  If you don’t appreciate who you are and the gifts you have to offer, then you will not accept your body for what it is.  You also create an unhealthy body just by thinking and feeling negatively about yourself.

This created another roadblock: outside of my career, basketball athlete identity, and life roles, I didn’t know who I was!  And if I don’t know who I am, I’ll stay frustrated, lost, unmotivated, and unable to love my body.

I knew that if I’m feeling this way about my body and exercise, then others are as well.  So, I decided to create the “Fitness Breakthrough” Coaching Program.

What is the Fitness Breakthrough System?

The Fitness Breakthrough System is my approach to weight control, personal happiness, and life fulfillment.  It consist of personalized programming to deal with:

  • food cravings
  •  body and self-image
  • lack of confidence
  • poor self-respect
  • unhealthy life choices

Moreover, the program will help you to build your motivation through self-awareness, and create practical, functional ways to exercise.

The Fitness Breakthrough Coaching Program is not a fitness or diet program per se; the emphasis is placed on creating a positive, strong foundation that will bring you weight loss solutions that last a lifetime.

Why is the Fitness Breakthrough Coaching program successful?  It provides you with the following:

  1. Flexibility: If you don’t eat particular foods or have access to a gym, you can learn how to customize your eating or exercise plan to your lifestyle.
  2. Inclusive: You will be able to eat your favorite foods and receive guidelines for eating frequency, portion sizes, and how to eat
  3. Clear: You will know exactly what to do to make healthy choices
  4. Adaptability: You will be able to adapt your plans to your environment, lifestyle, schedule, vacations, etc…
  5. Enjoyment: Allows you to eat your sugary, salty treats without going off your program and maintaining control
  6. Comfort: Doesn’t cause feelings of deprivation, and able to adapt if hunger or pain is experienced

Where will you end up?

Through the Fitness Breakthrough System, I will work with you to build your personal power to create the life, body, and personal happiness you want to experience.  I will help you to build the foundation for effective weight loss.

When I learned who I am and what I am capable of, I began to understand why I do what I do.  I learned why I’m successful at certain things.

In short, I began to appreciate myself for who I really am.   I also learned what I needed from exercise to fulfill my personal needs in life.  From that point, I found a purpose for living healthy and fit, and found my motivation to stay active.

I finally found a strong motivator that inspired me to keep exercising!!!  I found reasons that I could love my body, even though it isn’t perfect.  My body houses a super-talented, loving soul.

I survived this frustrating period in my life, and now you can too.

For a limited time, I am giving away FREE coaching sessions to 10 people who are serious about getting lifelong results.  Only 10 people.  This session normally costs $250, but since I love to help women reach their weight loss goals and increase life happiness, I am willing to give it for free.

In this powerful session you will leave with:

  • A compelling life vision that gives you the push you need to stay active
  • A new awareness of what is causing many of your weight control challenges right now (they may not be what you think!)
  • A renewed sense of power and control in the type of body you want to create and maintain.
  • A “next step” action plan for moving your fitness plans into the next phase of success, passion, and power!

I’m giving this session for free for a limited time, so start today and click the button below!

Dedicated to your success,

Pamela Brown

Fitness Breakthrough Coach

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