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To the Ears of Babes

By Ninazolotow @Yoga4HealthyAge
by Baxter

To the Ears of Babes

Lelu by Melina Meza

Sometimes the sweetest things can happen during a yoga class. Recently, one of my students sent a description of something that happened when I was leading a Thanksgiving Day class in Montclair community of Oakland to a local reporter. Now it has showed up on the Montclarion website recently. Enjoy!
“Email bag: Reader Brad Newsham shares a story that may give you new faith in humanity. He says a full house at Montclair’s Mountain Yoga (on Thanksgiving morning) was deep into meditation when they overheard a dad and his little girl on the sidewalk below. “You get what you get – and don’t throw any fits,” said the father. Apparently that “Buddha-like parenting wisdom” caused quite a stir in the otherwise silent meditation. “When the ensuing hysteria died down, one Yogi quipped, “Well that’s one kid who might turn out okay,” writes Newsham.”

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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