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Little Thing

The Little Hyundai that can.  So when I came back from Australia I bought a car.  I shopped around with price in mind first, and then fuel economy.  Having just returned from... Read more

Café with Lunch? Paperblog Pick in Expat

Café with Lunch? Ha Ha Ha

A woman I met works as a translator and was telling us how difficult it can be to translate cookbooks and travel books from English (or "American") into French. "First they use... Read more


  • Goodbye to the Turkish Living Forum

    Goodbye Turkish Living Forum

    The Turkish Living Forum has been hijacked by religious nutters and right wing bigots. I won’t be returning. And neither will many others judging by the... Read more

    The 07 March 2012 by   Jackscott
  • Berlin Wall: A Photo Journey

    Berlin Wall: Photo Journey

    The Berlin Wall – I’ve waited almost two years to see it, so you can imagine my disappointment with its lackluster appearance when I finally did:My first... Read more

    The 12 March 2012 by   Monkeys And Mountains Adventure
  • Trier, Germany – the Second Rome

    Trier, Germany Second Rome

    Trier, Germany is frequently referred to as the “second Rome.” This may seem like a bold statement until you realize that Trier has a whopping 9 UNESCO World... Read more

    The 29 March 2012 by   Monkeys And Mountains Adventure
  • Neva Cuisine in the 8th: Most Impressive (again).

    Neva Cuisine 8th: Most Impressive (again).

    We ate again at Neva Cuisine in the 8th and once again were quite pleased. The firsts were beautifully presented and tasting; sliced ormeaux (abalone) on a bed... Read more

    The 29 March 2012 by   Johntalbott
  • I Want This Body!

    Want This Body!

    I don't know who she is, and I don't know whether to be inspired/determined or just throw the towel in right now.This woman is 51! She's older than me fer cryin... Read more

    The 25 March 2012 by   Expatmum
  • Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

    Don’t Ask, Tell

    Auntie Beeb recently ran an article about gays in the military – not in America this time – but in our foster home. It makes comical reading. Read more

    The 27 March 2012 by   Jackscott
  • The Rigid Gardens of Paris

    Rigid Gardens Paris

    Jardin de Luxembourg, Paris Hurrying to get somewhere yesterday, I took the time to walk through a pretty garden on the way. It is a long skinny one along a... Read more

    The 22 March 2012 by   Sedulia
  • Finding Peace While Dog Sledding in Iso Syote, Finland

    Finding Peace While Sledding Syote, Finland

    Dog sledding is strenuous work for the dogs, but the canines in Iso Syöte have "employment benefits" that would leave most people envious. Does your work plac... Read more

    The 27 March 2012 by   Monkeys And Mountains Adventure
  • The M'rach (rose-water Sprinkler)

    M'rach (rose-water Sprinkler)

    A few days ago I went to a North African restaurant I like. Recently it's been harder to get a reservation because it has been listed in several restaurant... Read more

    The 04 March 2012 by   Sedulia
  • Why You Should Go Winter Hiking in the German Alps

    Should Winter Hiking German Alps

    I love winter hiking. You might too once you see that there is a winter hike suitable for everyone. Your toned legs will thank you - once they stop burning! Read more

    The 06 March 2012 by   Monkeys And Mountains Adventure


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