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I Want This Body!

By Expatmum @tonihargis
I don't know who she is, and I don't know whether to be inspired/determined or just throw the towel in right now.
I want this body!
This woman is 51! She's older than me fer cryin' out loud. Look at that body. She's not skinny, but there are none of the usual "signs of aging" that you often see on trimmer, but older women - you know, the skinny/scrawny arms, wrinkled knees, slightly puckered stomach etc.
How does she do it? I can't even tell you that the enviably flat stomach is because she's never been pregnant, as she has two children. Damn her!
What I should really be saying is "OK, that's it. If she can do it, what's stopping me?"
I wonder if she cleans her own toilets, sorts out piles of laundry? You know, the stuff that sucks up the time we could all be spending in the gym.
Excuses, excuses.

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