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  • Search Cruise Deals

    Search Cruise Deals

    This web site makes use of cookies, as defined in our Privateness Policy For those who use this web site without adjusting your cookies settings, you comply wit... Read more

    The 01 July 2018 by   Abitoflux
  • Postcards from Crete

    Postcards from Crete

    Aphrodite’s SanctuaryDarkness had fallen by the time we opened the front door of the Aphrodite Guest House at the Eleonas Country Village. Read more

    The 01 July 2018 by   Jackscott
  • Low-cost Holiday Concepts

    Low-cost Holiday Concepts

    The window of opportunity will probably be between 18 and 28 days out from the time you need to travel. Regardless of the destination, make certain of a... Read more

    The 03 July 2018 by   Abitoflux
  • Fuego Volcano’s Eruption in Guatemala: An Insider’s Tale and How You Can Help

    Fuego Volcano’s Eruption Guatemala: Insider’s Tale Help

    On June 3rd, 2018, Fuego Volcano which overlooks Antigua Guatemala erupted. It left 192 missing and 75 people dead. Over 3000 people were evacuated.It's the... Read more

    The 03 July 2018 by   Monkeys And Mountains Adventure
  • 257. Summer's Here.. at Last!

    4th July. First of all, Happy Fourth of July to Americans everywhere celebrating their National Day.. It's always good to start the day off with goose bumps! Read more

    The 04 July 2018 by   Piperade
  • NAACP Issues Journey Advisory For Missouri

    NAACP Issues Journey Advisory Missouri

    Josh enjoys tailoring itineraries to a consumer’s needs and budgets, including honeymoons and multigenerational journeys. Business teams applauded SB 43 for wha... Read more

    The 06 July 2018 by   Abitoflux
  • Living Abroad: To Market, to Market

    Living Abroad: Market, Market

    When you’re an expat living in a foreign country it’s often a challenge to find the things you need or want. Shops are different, food is not what you’re used... Read more

    The 06 July 2018 by   Miss Footloose
  • Is Bangkok Expensive in 2018?

    Bangkok Expensive 2018?

    If you're planning a 6-12 stay in Bangkok or are thinking about moving here indefinitely, you might be wondering how expensive is Bangkok in 2018? Depending on... Read more

    The 07 July 2018 by   Harvie
  • Minos, Minotaurs and Mazes

    Minos, Minotaurs Mazes

    Manolis, our obliging landlord at the Eleonas Country Village, organised an ancient treat for our last day on Crete. Our evening flight gave us plenty of time... Read more

    The 08 July 2018 by   Jackscott

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