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Braces? Ya Think?

By Expatmum @tonihargis
Tara over at Sticky Fingers inspired this post. She posted a gorgeous photo of her daughter with a few little adult teeth coming through. Delightful.
Here's my version.
Braces? Ya Think?
Although the photo itself is great as it captures the very soul of my 8 y/o - just take a look at those feckin'  teeth would ya. Every single one of them stubbornly defies gravity, and let's talk about the chip in the front tooth. Horsing around last year, knee'd himself in the chin which then clamped his mouth shut and Voila! Of course, we took him straight to the dentist, and it seems to be mainly a cosmetic problem, ie. the tooth isn't slowly turning a dreadful shade of green/black.
There's no doubt that he's going to spend a couple of years in braces, - if the little tooth at the side ever comes down. I swear it's been that length for about two years. Is there a procedure where you can pull them down with pliers or something?
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